Research @ SYSGO


Research @ SYSGO

Joint R&D Projects lead to Success

Research into superior solutions has always been the SYSGO approach in product development. Around 7% of net sales are invested in research every year

R&D makes the Difference

Expenditure on research and development (R&D) is considered as a key indicator of company efforts to obtain competitive advantage in science and technology. International research has consistently demonstrated the positive correlation between R&D investment intensity and company performance measures such as sales growth and share price in the sectors where R&D is important. Within the OECD as a whole 2,3% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) were invested in R&D (OCED, 2006). R&D expenditure relative to GDP was higher than the average in Japan (3,4%) and the US (2,7%) while it remained stable at 1,8% in Europe.

To foster innovation the European Union mapped out the Lisbon Strategy in 2000 to become the “most dynamic competitive knowledge-based economy in the world” and stimulated all member states to provide a national R&D investment objective of 3% of their GDP. In 2007 the EU issued the Seventh Framework Program for research and technological development supporting the national efforts of the member states to catch-up with Japan, the US and China.

R&D Investments for more than 10 years

Research & Development is also a main factor of success in business. In the fields of embedded systems software we mostly concentrate on applied research and transform scientific research results into applicable tools. Starting as a service provider and distributor in the nineties SYSGO then decided to develop their own products. In 1999 ELinOS, the embedded Linux distribution, was launched and in 2005 PikeOS Safe & Secure Virtualization was introduced to the market.

The L4 Kernel, which has been theoretically described and developed by Jochen Liedtke in the late nineties, was considered but too many flaws in its design made it inappropriate for safety critical applications. As a result of this analysis SYSGO created a virtualization platform for embedded systems equipped with comprehensive development tools which now serves as a backbone of major national and international R&D projects in the fields of safety and security.

PikeOS as Backbone of major R&D Projects

PikeOS has been chosen as the reference platform for several R&D projects: SCARLETT, JEOPARD, INTERESTED, TECOM, DIANA, VerisoftXT. More than 100 leading European companies and universities like Airbus, EADS, Infineon, Siemens, Thales etc. are working together on next generation embedded platforms for safer avionics, trusted embedded computing, inter-operable tool chain for rapid design, prototyping and code generation, Java on multi-core processors, and verifiable security.

Our Contribution to your Success

The main idea behind ELinOS and PikeOS is to provide you with a comprehensive software development environment allowing you a maximum of flexibility for your product development. What does this mean? You can use Linux, real-time, safety-critical and / or security-critical software on the same platform, consolidate your hardware, certify your product if needed or reuse legacy code. Porting to new hardware platforms is easy and cost-efficient. In total: software development for embedded systems is well structured, fast to market and cost-efficient. These are the immediate results for you.

SYSGO's involvement in national and international R&D programs places these research efforts in a wider context and brings additional advantages for the users: more drivers, more hardware support, other personalities, better integration of tools...

That's why we invest in research.