Virtual ConnextCon 2020


Virtual ConnextCon 2020

Leveraging DDS in the Age of Autonomy

Virtual ConnextCon 2020

Entirely virtual. Entirely essential. RTI ConnextCon 2020 is the world’s largest gathering of power DDS users. As always however, this event will also serve as a great overview of the Data Distribution ServiceTM (DDS) standard for both current DDS users and non-DDS users alike. In all cases, if you’re an engineer or developer engaged in architecting distributed systems, this two-day event is for you. 

Virtual Event

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There are four days with two sessions to join the conference:

October, Mon 26 - Tue 27, 2020 (US/Americas)

October, Wed 28 - Thu 29, 2020 (EMEA/APAC)

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Embedded Experience

Talk to our Solution Experts

Mark Tootell

Regional Sales Manager, UK and USA

October, Mon 26 - Tue 27, 2020 (US/Americas)

Guido Pennella

Solutions Architect

October, Wed 28 - Thu 29, 2020 (EMEA/APAC)

SYSGO’s real-time operating system and hypervisor PikeOS provides all essential means for applications that need to be executed deterministically in a safe and secure manner. Its hypervisor technology allows to separate applications in time and space. These so-called partitions allow the secure execution of applications that can be a simple task running but also a Guest OS such as Linux, RTEMS, Android, POSIX®, ARINC 653 and many more.

PikeOS (4.2.3. Build S5577) is security standard Common Criteria pre-certified at EAL 3+ and actively maintained in order to comply high security demands. PikeOS is certifiable up to the highest level in all mentioned markets. Therefore, it perfectly complements RTI’s Connext DDS and fits into RTI’s eco system.

PikeOS comes with a full set of features that enable embedded developers to build the safest and most secure applications suitable for avionics, automotive, railway, military/defense and medical tasks. It is MILS-compliant, supports OpenGL, OpenCL and comes with a certifiable IP Stack and a certifiable file system.

NEW Whitepaper available!

High Availability (HA) is a property of Safety-critical systems in order to detect failures and recover from those, while still keeping the system’s main functionality active without interruption. The whitepaper is focusing on the software aspect of double redundant two-out-of-two systems (2oo2 x2).


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