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From Embedded Linux to secure and safety-critical platforms, from hard real-time needs to feature richness, from single user to company wide solutions and anything in between

ELinOS Industrial Grade Embedded Linux

ELinOS industrial grade embedded Linux distribution
Linux is an attractive option for many types of embedded applications. Its flexibility and broad range of functionality, APIs and drivers are compelling reasons to consider Linux. However, many traps and difficulties lurk for embedded Linux novices, non-experts, or developers who have no time to sort out the proliferation of new components continuously being added to the sprawling Linux ecosystem. ELinOS is the embedded Linux environment that solves these problems, offering customers the best selection of technology to meet their needs, along with the comfort of world-class support.

Safety-Critical Ethernet/AFDX

Safety-Critical Ethernet according to ARINC-664 part. 7
Safety-Critical Ethernet/AFDX is the first completely genuine software implementation of ARINC-664 Part 7, a real-time Ethernet stack used in civil and military aerospace programs. The hardware independence of Safety-Critical Ethernet/AFDX makes it flexible, adaptable, scalable and affordable. SYSGO is an official EADS/Airbus AFDX licensee.