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DASIA Conference

Meliá Sitges Hotel

June 6 - 8

DASIA (DATA SYSTEMS IN AEROSPACE) is an annual conference organised by Eurospace since 1996. It gathers space data systems specialists over 3 days for presentations, workshops/panels and discussion. It provides opportunities for exhibitors and networking. DASIA is an important event in the space community. It encompasses hardware and software for space and aircraft systems or systems for other sectors sharing similar requirements for high reliability and complexity. Cross-domain topics and participation have a high priority at DASIA with other domains including e. g. transport, communications, navigation, energy, remote sensing, robotics and automation.

Visit our SYSGO Booth No 5, have a look at our Avionics Demonstrator and talk to our experts.

Avionics Demonstrator 

SYSGO, RTI, Ansys and Xilinx have collaborated to deliver an integrated, certifiable demonstrator platform for Avionics. The demo provides a software architecture that reduces integration and certification risk while accelerating time-to-market and deployment of secure, Safety-critical systems. PikeOS is running on both ARM Cortex A52 (MMU) and R5 (MPU) cores.

SYSGO Presentation

Session: COTS Evaluation & Implementation

June 8th, 2023 at 1:00 PM

Use of Heterogeneous Computing Systems and Partitioned Operating Systems in Space Applications

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