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HIS - High Integrity Security

Marriott Hotel City Centre, Bristol

October 11

Connected - Protected - Certifiable

The HIS (High Integrity Software) Conference in Bristol brings together software engineers and shares challenges, best practices and experiences. The conference features talks from industrial and academic specialists which disseminate experience and knowledge of important techniques and methods that are applicable across industry sectors.

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Joint Presentation

RCA OCORA: Safe Computing Platform using open Standards

October 11th at 11:30


  • Angel Martinez, Senior Software Engineer, RTI
  • Mario Brotz, Director R&T, SYSGO GmbH


The railway sector is facing a major transition as it moves towards more fully automated systems on both the train and infrastructure side. This in turn, requires the development of appropriate, future-proof connectivity and IT platforms.

The Reference Control Command and Signalling Architecture (RCA) and Open Control Command and Signalling Onboard Reference Architecture (OCORA) have developed a functional architecture for future trackside and onboard functions. The RCA OCORA open Control Command Signalling (CCS) on-board reference architecture introduces a standardized separation of safety-relevant and non-safety-relevant railway applications and the underlying IT platforms. This allows rail operators to decouple the very distinct life cycles of the domains and aggregate multiple railway applications on common IT platforms.

Based on a Safe Computing Platform (SCP), the architecture accommodates a Platform Independent Application Programming Interface (PI API) between safety-relevant railway applications and IT platforms. This approach supports the portability of railway applications among IT platform realisations from different vendors.

Two of its authors will discuss the RCA OCORA architecture with emphasis on its safe computing framework. The talk will review the required operating system standards and the discuss the newly-released DDS Reference Implementation for Safe Computing Platform Messaging. While designed for rail, this architecture will have elements of interest for other industries.

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