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5th Annual China Automotive Cyber Security Summit 2020

Automakers have been challenged withthe task of making a fully secure connected vehicle to keep drivers safe on theroad and protect their privacy. Vehicles are designed with driver and passenger safety as a key concern; however, without proper security, there cannot be safety. 

Do not miss the presentation of Tao Haukka (THALES Automotive Mobility Service).

DAY TWO SUMMIT (4th, Nov. 2020  Wendesday)

10:10 - Function safety and Information security in autonomous driving 

Abstraction: Autonomous driving raises stringent requirements on design of car security framework, both functional security as well as information security. Takes this opportunity, Thales would like to share their experience in aviation autonomous driving field to facilitate prosperous future in growth of autonomous driving.

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SYSGO Automotive in Chinese:

Chris Berg, Solutions Architect at SYSGO talks about the benefits of secure datastreams in embedded automotive applications.

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