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ESE Kongress

Events in Focus

ESE Kongress

ESE Kongress (Embedded Software Engineering)

Sindelfingen, Germany, December 2 to 6, 2019

The ESE Kongress is a joint event of MicroConsult and ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS. It is the only German-language convention that focuses exclusively and extensively on the manifold issues and challenges with respect to the development of device and system software for industrial applications, automotive engineering, automation, drives, measurement systems, communication systems as well as consumer electronics and medical devices.

With more than 100 presentations and seminars the congress is a platform for the exchange of knowledge and experience and for making contact with other experts across many different industries. Since 2008, it has been THE meeting point for the embedded industry.

SYSGO Event Review

SYSGO is looking back on a successful participation at the Embedded Software Engineering (ESE) Kongress 2019. Amongst other interesting discussions at our booth (such as the possibility to recertify embedded software solutions in existing railway projects) we showcased a completely new approach how trains can be guided and interact at halting points in certain points of a railway network such as loading stations. This joint approach with our partner ANSYS was a SCADE-model based railway interlocking demo that attracted a lot of attention.

On the last day, our security expert led an interesting workshop about Multiple Independent Levels of Security (MILS) architecture in embedded applications with other designated experts. Amongst other topics, our expert spoke about how an application has to be separated in order to be compliant to MILS architecture. 1050 registered participants were listening to the talks and visiting the exhibition.

For all details about the event, please visit the ESE website and have a look at the official Conference Agenda.

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