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Seminars & Webcasts


[Webinar] Are modern Multi-Core Systems ready for ISO 26262?

What particular challenges do the certification authorities on multi-core systems have? How can software tests ensure the functional safety of these systems? SYSGO and Vector Software answer these and many other questions in our recorded webinar.

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How to manage your Aerospace & Defence Certification Projects

Aerospace & Defence projects are extremely complex due to the high demands on technology and safety, coupled with pressure on time and costs.

In our Webinar Jose Almeida (Director Technical Sales at SYSGO) presented how PikeOS, the pre-certified Safe & Secure RTOS, resolves a wide array of challenges at the same time:

1. Reduced complexity saves weight, energy, space and costs

2. Integrated safety reduces certification costs

3. Extreme flexibility provides independence from suppliers in the choice of hardware and software

4. Multiple Independent Levels of Security (MILS) architecture

5. Expandability saves costs in downstream incremental development

If you want to learn why PikeOS is the favourite RTOS for Aerospace and Defence and how PikeOS multi-core & certification approaches support a more cost efficient path to certification, please have a look at the recorded webinar.