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How can we reduce our Development Costs?

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How can we reduce our Development Costs?

How can we reduce our Development Costs?

Consolidation of hardware and software has made good progress in the IT world and led to substantial cost reductions. Embedded systems are far away from consolidation. How can we achieve similar productivity gains for embedded systems? Which technology gives us flexibility for the long run? How can we guarantee security and safety in one go? And how must we build our devices to be resource and energy efficient? There is one answer to all these questions.

PikeOS Safe & Secure Virtualization

PikeOS is safe and secure virtualization platform for embedded systems where multiple virtual machines can run simultaneously in a secure environment. PikeOS is based on a real-time micro-kernel providing a wide range of personalities (i.e. guest OS or RTE). Contrary to others, it is fully hardware independent for both single and multi-core CPUs. Its safety and security attributes can be certified according to related industry standards. What does PikeOS's clear and well-designed system architecture mean to your development process?

Technology for the long run

PikeOS is based on a modular system architecture that makes you independent from existing and future platforms. The system software allows to build partitions for any current and future (real-time) operating system, run-time environment or API. Upcoming functionalities can easily be integrated and combined with the existing projects. You will never have to think about a new software platform for your embedded devices. 

Resource and energy efficient

The most important advantage of using PikeOS in terms of resource and energy efficiency is that you can run multiple applications on one single hardware platform. That way you can exploit the power of todays hardware, especially of multi-core platforms. Discontinuation and obsolescence of hardware can be easily managed by simple replacement, an easy task due to the modular ASP and PSP structure. Reduction of physical devices, space, weight and power consumption are big benefits leading to substantial energy cost savings, a major added value for your customers.

Critical level security

Todays devices are more and more integrated into networks and accessible through the INTERNET. On one hand web-based technology brings lots of benefits to our devices such as cost reduction for support, monitoring and adjustments. On the other hand you have to assure strict isolation between applications and non by-passable and tamper-proof access. PikeOS guarantees multi-level security support according to the MILS standard and is certifiable to Common Criteria to the highest levels.

Functional safety

Aerospace, automotive, railway, industrial, or medical applications are increasingly subject to functional safety certification according to DO-178B, ISO 26262, EN 50128, IEC 61508, IEC 62304. Certification is costly. It depends mainly on the amount of lines of code which is very low with PikeOS. Additionally, PikeOS allows to run safety-critical applications besides non-critical applications isolated in their respective partitions on one platform. In some cases new functionalities can be integrated into the system without re-certification of the existing safety-critical parts.

Immediate cost reduction

Using PikeOS comes with immediate cost reductions. When starting a new project with PikeOS, legacy code can be re-used and combined with new functionalities. Reduction of required hardware lowers the bill-of-material and provides a tremendous saving potential. In case of safety and / or security  requirements, the micro-kernel allows cost-efficient certification. Why don't start your next project with PikeOS? You will experience cost reductions from day 1 and during the whole life-cycle of your product.