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IMA and PikeOS for Safety

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IMA and PikeOS for Safety

IMA and PikeOS for Safety

PikeOS – Platform for next Generation

The avionics industry is probably the most challenging domain for safe systems, with aircrafts full of electronic devices, redundant hardware, and kilometers of cables form diverse suppliers. With Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA) aircraft manufacturers have produced a new concept for recent generations of commercial aircrafts which puts high demands on the underlaying operating system to build safe and cost efficient electronic systems. Demands that can be fulfilled by PikeOS.

PikeOS in the Avionics

In the avionics electronic devices used to be stand-alone systems, every system or functionality in its own „box“ and a second one for redundancy reasons. As space is finite and weight expensive the number of boxes for further functionality couldn’t be extended. But redundancy could be solved better by integrating several applications on one system and store them on two (or more) redundant hardware platforms or better still on commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware. By following this exciting idea, aircraft manufacturers came up with the IMA architecture, a concept, that requires a real-time operating system ready for ARINC-653 resource and time partitioning, and ARINC-664 high speed Ethernet communication (AFDX). From the beginning PikeOS has been developed according to the IMA concept and to DO-178B requirements.

IMA Concept

The first generation of Interated Modular Avionics (IMA1G) has been introduced through the European funded research projects PAMELA, NEVADA and VICTORIA. It has led the aerospace industry to take a revolutionary step away from the previous federated architectures and their classical bespoke electronics.

IMA1G, currently onboard the A380, A400M and other modern aircrafts, replaces separate and dissimilar equipments, with fewer common processing modules, sharing the necessary power supply and communication links.

IMA1G is a first step in the evolution towards a full IMA concept, which demonstrates its possible implemenation and benefits when applied to a limited range of aircraft functions. The number of processing units in the new A380 is half that of previous generations. Reduction in airline operation costs are expected to be between 15 to 20% through significant weight reduction and maintenance savings.

COTS Solution

An other requirement of the IMA concept is the use of commercial-off-the-shelf software and hardware. Motivations for using COTS components include reduction of overall system development costs (as components can be bought or licensed instead of being developed from scratch), reduced maintenance costs, and independence from third-party component vendor. With PikeOS, SYSGO deliveres a commercial-off-the-shelf real-time operating systems fully compliant to IMA requirements.

SCARLETT - Project for next generation IMA

Together with 39 European partners SYSGO is involved in a major research project on the next generation integrated modular avionics called SCARLETT

Business Solution on Safety

Safety is not only an issue in the field of avionics. It’s a general concern in several industries. Learn more on the universal solution provided by PikeOS Safe & Secure Virtualization.