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Vector Informatik GmbH and SYSGO GmbH join forces for AUTOSAR Adaptive

Stuttgart and Klein-Winterheim,

The IT companies Vector and SYSGO have founded a joint venture for the development of embedded software. The aim of the cooperation is to create an integrated software platform consisting of the AUTOSAR adaptive basic software MICROSAR and the real-time operating system PikeOS.

SYSGO, Europe's leading provider of operating systems in critical environments, is contributing its comprehensive aviation safety and security expertise to the 50/50 joint venture. Vector, the Stuttgart-based specialist for embedded systems, has been developing secure AUTOSAR basic software according to ISO 26262 for many years. The combined expertise of both companies will provide ECU developers with an ideal solution for the new generation of high-performance ECUs based on the AUTOSAR Adaptive Standard. Control units for automated driving, multifunctional application servers and infotainment systems use the new AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform as a future-proof standard. The PikeOS hypervisor and the associated POSIX® operating system form the basis of the common AUTOSAR Adaptive Software Architecture.

In future, the combination of Adaptive MICROSAR and PikeOS will be offered as part of the Vector AUTOSAR portfolio and by Vector worldwide. This provides AUTOSAR adaptive system developers with an optimally coordinated solution from a single source.

The joint development includes measures for the effective interaction between the PikeOS operating system and the Adaptive AUTOSAR basic software. For safety-relevant ECUs according to ISO 26262, this includes the isolation of individual applications in order to safely operate QM and ASIL software. In addition to ISO 26262 requirements up to ASIL D, the platform supports functions such as fast booting and modern security measures against unauthorized access. Both companies assume that in the future, several operating systems with their specific strengths will be used in parallel in ECUs. Therefore, the solution can be extended with additional system partitions for AUTOSAR Classic, Linux or other operating systems.

A release of the joint solution for prototype applications is planned by the end of 2017. Series releases for safety-relevant control units are planned for 2019.

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About the Vector Group
Vector Informatik is the leading manufacturer of software tools and components for the development of electronic systems and their networking with various systems from CAN to Ethernet. Since 1988, Vector has been a partner of manufacturers and suppliers to the automotive and related industries. Vector tools and services give engineers the decisive advantage to make a demanding and highly complex subject as simple and straightforward as possible. Every day, Vector employees work on electronic innovations in the automotive industry. Worldwide customers from the automotive, commercial vehicle, aviation, transport and control technology industries rely on the solutions and products of the independent Vector Group to develop technologies for tomorrow's mobility. The Vector Group employs over 2,000 people and achieved sales of 414 million euros in 2016. In addition to its headquarters in Germany (Stuttgart), Vector has subsidiaries in the USA, Japan, France, Great Britain, Italy, Austria, Sweden, South Korea, India, China and Brazil

About SYSGO GmbH
SYSGO has been providing operating systems and services for embedded systems since 1991 and is the pioneer in the use of Linux in the embedded market with ELinOS. For security critical applications, the company has been supplying the hypervisor PikeOS since 2005, the world's first SIL 4 certified operating system for multicore processors and the foundation for intelligent devices on the Internet of things. SYSGO is the leading European operating system manufacturer and supports customers such as Samsung, Airbus, Thales, Continental, etc. in the formal certification of software according to international standards for functional security and IT security in markets such as Aerospace & Defense, Industrial Automation, Automotive, Railways and Medical technology and network infrastructure. SYSGO is part of the European Thales Group, operates offices in Germany, France, the Czech Republic and the UK and has a worldwide sales network.