SYSGO Newsletter 2/2020


SYSGO Newsletter 2/2020

Dear Sir, Dear Madam,

There are many ways to set up an environment for embedded industrial applications. In this newsletter we like to give you a brief overview about the challenges and how to master them. Our latest version of our industry grade Linux ELinOS 7.0 can be used as a profound and easy to setup base for applications that need to be fast on the market.

Have a look at our topics:

  • ELinOS 7 out now
    Our latest industry grade Linux ELinOS 7.0 is out now. Find out what is new in this version.
  • Linux Use Case Story for an embedded application environment
    Linux can be used as a profound base for industrial embedded application. We'll provide you an example of how an environment could look like and what is important to consider.
  • ELinOS 7 Advantages
    There are hundreds of Linux distributions out there. Here?s what you may expect from ELinOS 7.0 and why it can help you setup the matching infrastructure and therefore achieve your business goals.

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Your SYSGO Team
PS: Take a look at our ELinOS webpages. You'll find everything you should know about the easiest way to bring powerful Linux to embedded devices [HERE].

SYSGO's Industry Grade Linux ELinOS 7.0 is now available

ELinOS 7.0 is out now. Several improvements and new functionalities come with the brand-new release based on Linux Kernel 4.19 whose life cycle has been prolonged till December 2024 recently. Learn about the new native support for 64-bit development systems on Windows and Linux and how the interaction between ELinOS 7 and PikeOS 5 is improved via custom pools.

You can read the full press release here. [READ MORE]

How to choose the right Linux for your Requirements

Linux has found its way into Industrial embedded application. The circumstances of the environment and which business goal has to be achieved are the main factors for the right distribution to choose. You can find out how this could look like with our use case example. Learn which factors are important and what you should consider choosing a matching Linux distribution for embedded projects.

Have a look at our use case story. [READ MORE]

ELinOS 7.0 Advantages that you should consider

Do you look for a Linux distribution that comes with Docker support, that is easy to setup and easy to extend?

We have just the right distribution for you and your embedded projects, especially if you have a focus on safety and reliability and are desperate for long-term support. [READ MORE]

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