Technology Alliance

Technology Alliance

Technology Alliance

Technology Alliance

SYSGO Technology Alliance welcomes companies that offer complementary products and services to provide customers a safe passage to current and future advanced technologies.

About the Program

SYSGO Technology Alliance is an embedded technology enablement program providing a wide variety of benefits for all SYSGO partners.  Joining the SYSGO Technology Alliance helps partners to deliver innovative industry and cross-industry solutions and services to our critical, fast-growing market, and to be a part of the primary route-to-market for the embedded marketplace.

Types of Partners

The Technology Alliance Program defines three types of partners, ISV (Independent Software Vendors), Hardware vendors (chip and board level) and VARs (Value Added Resellers).

Network Partner

Becoming a network level partner requires minimal commitment. This commitment includes:

  • Nomination of a dedicated contact person, either for marketing and technical cooperation
  • Provide and maintain company profile annually
  • Provide and maintain description of products which are connected to SYSGO portfolio

SYSGO will evaluate the given information and publish the Network partner information on the Technology Alliance Website.

Solution Partner

Solution level partners are committed to a close prosperous business relationship with SYSGO. Solution partners have qualified due to joint revenue achievements, dedicated SYSGO product skills or by successfully implementing a SYSGO solution at customer site. SYSGO will deliver dedicated marketing and sales support as well as technical training and support to solution partners. Joint marketing efforts may include joint seminars, exhibitions and demonstrations.

Strategic Partner

Strategic partners invest significantly to enable cooperative solutions or support SYSGO enabling new and disruptive technology solutions. SYSGO will support its strategic partners with technology transfer, joint research projects and ahead of time access to SYSGO technology. SYSGO marketing and sales will support any joint solutions with high priority.