Board Support Packages

PikeOS Reference BSPs

Board Support Packages

PikeOS Reference BSPs

PikeOS Reference BSPs

Running an operating system like PikeOS on a complex hardware board or system requires a board support package (BSP) that is combining the adaptation to the selected processor architecture, board specific initialization and drivers as well as specific system extensions. Generally (and especially for certification projects) BSPs are not part of the PikeOS scope of delivery and can be developed by the customer or by SYSGO as separate services.

SYSGO basic BSPs usually have two default drivers on board:

  • Serial
  • Ethernet

In order to support customers from major vertical markets starting a new project, SYSGO created Reference BSPs for selected hardware boards. Reference BSPs include an extended set of drivers and I/O features typically used in the vertical market and the combination of the hardware and the BSP ensures best “out of the box experience” right from the beginning. 

The following new reference BSPs dedicated for PikeOS 4.2 were created:

Kontron Intel XEON D

Board: COMe-bBD6 Intel XEON D
Architecture: Intel XEON D x86
Drivers and I/O: Network, Serial, AHCI, GPIO and Watchdog
Market focus: Industrial, Aerospace and Defence

NXP i.mx6 SABRE Lite Extra

Board: BD-SL-i.MX6
Architecture: ARMv7hf
Drivers and I/O:  Network, Serial, CAN, GPIO, Mass Storage and Watchdog
Market focus: Automotive

Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC

Board: ZYNQ-ZCU102
Architecture: ARMv8
Drivers and I/O:  Network, Serial, CAN, GPIO and Watchdog
Market focus: Automotive, Railway

Reference BSPs are delivered separately. The scope of supply and services include technical support, limited to one year after delivery date. For longer development cycles an annual prolongation is offered.