ELinOS Embedded Linux

Why ELinOS?

ELinOS Embedded Linux

Why ELinOS?

With ELinOS you can focus on writing your specific applications instead of spending time and efforts for Linux customization. ELinOS is very easy to use and speeds up your development significantly.

ELinOS uses a unique feature driven configuration approach that covers both kernel and user space at once. An HTTP server is a simple example to explain this. To provide web server functionality with your embedded device multiple options have to be set and dependencies have to be resolved. A network driver must be available and TCP/IP networking has to be enabled in the Linux kernel.

The HTTP server binary and all required libraries must be copied to the file system of the embedded system. In addition you would probably like to have easy means to configure your network interface to use DHCP or a predefined static configuration. All this is covered with ELinOS’ feature configurator. This tool helps defining both the Linux kernel and the user space in a single step. As a result you will get a system tailored to your individual project’s needs.

There is no additional burden for unnecessary components or functions. Things you don’t need will not be in your embedded system. The Linux kernel will be compiled exactly according to your needs. The user space will contain files based on your selection only. The ELinOS feature configurator ensures a working and consistent definition of both kernel and user space within a single tool.

ELinOS Guide

Setting up an embedded Linux ELinOS Instance

Setting up an embedded Linux instance can be hard and long-during. With industrial-grade embedded Linux ELinOS it is very convenient and takes only minutes to set up an Linux operating system for an embedded device.

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How can you build upon Linux in the embedded market?

Advantages of using Linux have been discovered also in the embedded systems market: connectivity, security features, low cost distributions, no royalties, available source code, etc. But for embedded systems we have different demands than for servers and desktops: support for a broad variety of hardware, appropriate device drivers, small footprint, real-time, long term availability, reliable partners, and solid tools. Corresponding to these needs SYSGO provides ELinOS offering all the features used in industrial applications. Companies from the embedded systems market use ELinOS as appropriate distribution and choose SYSGO as a partner for support, consulting, professional services, and complete project development. Companies of the industrial market rely on ELinOS and SYSGO to build durable equipment.

See how ELinOS works

ELinOS Industrial Grade Linux contains all development tools needed for embedded Linux within one package: compiler, linker and debugger as well as CODEO, the Eclipse based integrated development environment. ELinOS is a cross development platform for either Linux or Windows host allowing you to even use your Windows desktop for the development of sophisticated embedded Linux applications. Have you tried ELinOS lately? Check our free ELinOS test version for a deep insight into ELinOS Industrial Grade Linux. Contact our embedded Linux experts and learn more on how ELinOS brings durable success to embedded applications.

How can ELinOS help you to achieve sustained success?

It is not the operating system or the system software that differentiates your embedded product from the competition. It is your application, the time-to-market, the price of your product. And here comes the reason to use ELinOS:

ELinOS is a comprehensive integrated development environment for embedded Linux applications at a reasonable price designed for an immediate out-of-the-box experience. Instead of losing time with the collection of components by hand, just install ELinOS. It takes less than a day to start with the application. The integrated embedded Linux configurator enables you to put together the target system software with a couple of clicks. Numerous project templates and precompiled target libraries allow a shortcut to the application.

Select your favorite embedded hardware from a broad variety of CPU architectures, whether ARM, MIPS, PowerPC, SH4, Xscale, or X86, and from the highest number of tested and validated board support packages in the market. In short: the idea behind ELinOS is to serve you with a comprehensive toolset that helps you to build first class embedded products, in short time, at a competitive price, for constant success.