PikeOS Certified Hypervisor

Why PikeOS?

PikeOS Certified Hypervisor

Why PikeOS?

The Internet of Things (IoT) consists of billions of highly integrated, multi-functional smart devices in a digital network. Application software, cloud services and critical control tasks have to collaborate seamlessly. Hence, the underlying operating system must act as a catalyst and bring together general IT and Embedded capabilities.

That’s why we have developed PikeOS. This real-time operating system offers a separation kernel-based hypervisor with multiple partitions for many other operating systems and applications. It enables you to build smart devices for the Internet of Things according to the quality, Safety and Security standards of your industry.


The Internet-of-Things can be a dangerous Place.
Protection starts with the OS.

In the Internet-of-Things, embedded systems are no longer isolated but part of a global network. Connectivity makes them vulnerable to malicious attacks and manipulation. Following the Mobile Threat Report, in 2013 alone, the number of attacks tripled and is expected to grow steadily.

Security and privacy are the new challenges for embedded systems in the Internet-of-Things. The operating system is the first building block for their protection.

Security Architecture

PikeOS provides MILS conformant Security on architecture level. The operating system turns your integrated system into a secure player in the Internet-of-Things (IoT).

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The German magazine ElektronikPraxis has described the multiple level security architecture of PikeOS in the article "MILS - Multiple Independent Levels of Sicherheit" (German language).

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Smart Devices run more than one Application.
Multi-Functionality and high Integration start with the OS.

Thanks to modern CPU architectures a single device can now host multiple applications at the same time - from critical control to feature rich multi media. A few highly integrated platforms can now do the work of many single purpose devices, thus reducing space, weight and cost.

Even highly critical devices such as Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA) or Domain Control Units (DCU) in the automotive industry are based on this architecture today.

The operating system is the backbone for these highly integrated platforms. Its hypervisor and virtualization technologies enable the coexistence of the different functions and guarantee their independence.

The PikeOS hypervisor offers virtualization for embedded system. It provides strictly separated partitions to host multiple functionalities according to quality standards from highly critical industries.

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Critical Systems need approval by the Authorities.
Certification starts with the OS.

The reliability of a system is more and more determined by software. Consequently software certification is becoming mandatory for many industries. Avionics started with DO-178, other industries followed with IEC-61508 and right now the automotive industry is implementing its own standard, called ISO-26262.

A certified operating system is the foundation for critical systems. It provides both, the technology and the certification artifacts ready for approval by the authorities.

PikeOS is compliant to all of the above safety standards and more. It is built on a micro-kernel with a small footprint which makes certification much more cost-efficient than a monolithic kernel.

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There’s more than one CPU-Vendor for embedded Systems.
Freedom-of-Choice starts with the OS.

In contrast the mono-culture in the PC-market, embedded systems have created a huge eco system of different CPUs. The Internet-of-Things will even push for more specialization.

To support that ecosystem, the operating system shall be prepared for variety and not be tied to a single CPU-vendor.

SYSGO is an independent operating system supplier with an ecosystem of diverse CPU vendors. Thus, PikeOS supports a broad variety of CPUs from the embedded systems field.

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Costs can be responsible for a Go / No-Go Decision.
Cost reduction starts with the OS.

PikeOS helps to reduce total cost of ownership:

  • Re-use Legacy Code in a safety critical environment (separated by the PikeOS Hypervisor)

Additionally PikeOS also helps reducing risks:

  • Reduce certification risk with PikeOS as a firm and certifiable basis

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