Partitions can host a broad variety of personalities, i.e. guest operating systems, run-time environments (RTE) and APIs, on top of the hypervisor and support applications of different security level, different criticality level, real-time or none real-time. This variety of personalities enables legacy applications (e.g. Ada or legacy RTOS) to run concurrently with new applications based on standards like POSIX or ARINC-653 and can even be combined with embedded Linux. All these personalities run on the same PikeOS kernel support applications in industries like aerospace & defense, automotive & transportation, industrial automation & medical, network infrastructure, and consumer electronics.

Partitions & Personalities

PikeOS partitions and personalties
PikeOS partitions and personalties; PikeOS offers partitions for a broad range of personalities, i.e. guest operating systems, run-time environments and APIs.

Complete operating systems normally don‘t require a host operating system (OS) to run on, nor can they tolerate the presence of another operating system. On PikeOS, however, a host OS can run in user-space, in non-privileged mode.

  • Embedded Linux (ELinOS)
  • µITRON
  • Windows (contact us)
  • Legacy RTOS: we can provide APIs that combine your Legacy OS with other operating systems, run-time environments and APIs on top of PikeOS (contact us)

Run-time Environments on-hand

Execution run-time environments need an OS host. With PikeOS RTOS run-time environments have their own schedulers and communication processes. Therefore, run-time environments run without losing performance.

APIs on-hand

Application programming interfaces (APIs) provide an interface used to access underlying functionality.

Board Support Packages

To see which boards are supported please click at our BSP-List.

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