Safety & Security Certification

Common Criteria

Safety & Security Certification

Common Criteria

Security of embedded devices

Security certification after Common Criteria is known in the IT field, it has also a significant footprint in embedded systems (e.g. smart cards, tachographs) and getting more attention and traction in the rest of the embedded market. Embedded devices are in the spotlight of security, e.g. hacks of networked cameras, network routers and gateways, industrial devices, as well as embedded devices.

To cope with the complexity and confirm security, security-critical devices have to undergo certification according to Common Criteria (CC). The underlying operating system can help to ease the certificatioan process and to reduce the cost of certification.

Certification according to Common Criteria (CC)

Common Criteria (CC) (ISO/IEC 15408) is an international standard for security ensuring that evaluations of “Information Technology (IT) products and protection profiles are performed to high and consistent standards and are seen to contribute significantly to confidence in the security of those products and profiles” The Common Criteria Recognition Agreement. Common Criteria distinguishes seven Evaluation Assurance Levels (EAL), where EAL 1 is the lowest and EAL 7 the highest level of security.

SYSGO Research Projects on Security

We are constantly investigating how to raise the bar for security assurance and provide it in the most efficient and affordable way: we are exploring and implementing techniques, which are used in the security evaluations up to EAL7. SYSGO is technical leader and partner in important research projects on security:

  • certMILS: certification of MILS systems and systems using MILS architectures according to Common Criteria and IEC 62443 (part 3 and part 4). The results are applied on subway, smart-grids, and railway systems.
  • HASELNUSS: The aim of HASELNUSS is the development of a software-hardware security platform for the railway command and control system that provides the required security functions without jeopardizing safety. The platform features provisions to ensure the system integrity and constitutes the foundation for secure infrastructure networking. It includes virtualization, secure patch and update management, health monitoring as well as anomaly and attack detection. The developed security platform will be implemented in demonstrators during the project.
  • CITADEL: Is focused on development of adaptive secure systems based on MILS concepts.
  • PASS: Develop a safe & secure automotive platform for deploying and updating safety “apps” in secure manner, prototype AUTOSAR Adaptive.
  • S3P: Industrial IoT focus, Smart, Safe & Secure Platform, SYSGO is one of two co-leaders in this project
  • SAFURE: Safe and Secure Systems with mixed criticality and embedded encryption on multicore with applications for secure communication on COTS mobile phone.
  • SIBASE: A set of security functionalities in embedded systems, e.g. secure boot, secure update, TPM, anomaly detection.

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