Security and Certification for critical embedded Industries


Security and Certification for critical embedded Industries


wolfSSL and SYSGO collaborated in the integration of wolfSSL's SSL/TLS technology within SYSGO's PikeOS environment which combines a real-time operating system and a type 1 hypervisor. With this integration, wolfSSL brings a FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standard) compliant encryption library to the PikeOS certified kernel in a pre-integrated manner. This ensures robust and proven Security for any project architecture.

Join this webinar for a demo in which you can also see two instances of wolfMQTT: One subscriber as the input side, and a publisher as the output side, each utilizing a TLS connection. Learn about the benefits of utilizing the latest TLS 1.3 protocol, for which wolfSSL was the first commercial implementation.

There are two sessions for this webinar:
- Tue, September 22nd: 4 PM CET for users from the AMER (North Central and South America) and EMEA (Europe) regions
- Wed, September 23rd: 9 AM CET for users in the APAC region (Asia Pacific)

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High Availability (HA) is a property of Safety-critical systems in order to detect failures and recover from those, while still keeping the system’s main functionality active without interruption. The whitepaper is focusing on the software aspect of double redundant two-out-of-two systems (2oo2 x2).


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