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Avionics Application: Security for Safety

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People like paradigms. One common way to define Safety goals is to ensure that "something good does happen" where the Security problem is more focused on "something bad won’t happen".

Safety and Security seem to be antagonist. They are in a way. The Safety process is applied, to ensure, that the developed software respects high-level requirements, in other terms, the final application is correctly designed and tested to follow known expectations in a known and strictly defined environment.

Avionics system are more and more exposed to the external world, from the pure Avionics communications point of view, but also because aircraft host more and more facilities for the travellers.

This mixing of genres has the consequence of making safe and unsafe applications exist in the same domains. Thus, safe applications are exposed to unexpected threats. Designing a critical application forces us to think about what we want and what we do not want. In the whitepaper, we will describe what are the Safety and Security processes, what are their similarities and differences.

We will also see how to conduct a Security study, that helps to strengthen the design of operational Safety software in particular for PikeOS and PikeOS-based design.

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