Ethics & Diversity

As globally acting company, we value the diversity of individuals with all their experiences and want to emphasize team work, respect and trust in our daily efforts. Showing commitment to our customers, partners, colleagues and ourselves, we conduct business in full compliance with our Code of Ethics.

Move. Unite. Excite. We are SYSGO.

How SYSGO makes a Difference

SYSGO provides embedded real-time operating system solutions, particularly in Safety and Security-critical environments
and contributions to ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) principles:

Saving People's Lives

We offer solutions to enhance Safety of human lives in various fields of application - every day

Securing Data

We emphasize data Security and privacy in processes and products, addressing governance concerns


Software Operation

We develop software for efficiency, that can also reduce emissions in transportation and other industrial sectors

Diversity & Inclusion

We support workplace diversity and inclusion, fostering a positive corporate and supportive culture

Health & Workplace Safety

We care about health and workplace Safety including guidelines for safeguarding our employees well-being

Corporate Governance

We adhere to strict business management and leadership requirements, ensuring transparency and ethical behavior

Internationality, Flags


We are proud of a strong and diverse team with many different nationalities, cultures and life experiences. With offices in Germany, France and the Czech Republic, our colleagues unite 15 nationalities and mother tongues and many other regional dialects. Our world-wide partner ecosystem also strongly supports us in driving our ideas and visions further by bringing people and technology together.

Bună ziua - 你好/您好 - nǐhǎo - Buenos días - Hello - Namastee - Bom dia - Добрый день - Bon giorno - Bonjour - Dobrý den - Guten Tag

Generations, Tutor Program, Introduction Week


Skills and competences may sometimes be connected to a certain age. But for us it is the combination of ideas, new thinking, experience and excellence of the individual and teams. We show a broad range of generations and a supportive working atmosphere. For a good start, we have our tutor program and the introduction week to meet new colleagues, professionals and the management board face-to-face.

And with our Developer Days there is an internal SYSGO conference by developers for developers to get familiar with advanced embedded technology topics on all levels from applications to the kernel - knowledge sharing at it's best.

Working Culture, Flexible Times, Child Care, Mobile Office

Working Culture

As different as individual needs and life situations may be, we offer a flexible and family-friendly working culture. There are models for flexible working hours/places, leave of absence for child care and mobile office to find individual solutions for a professional development and to ensure better compatibility of work and private life.

Mixed Teams, Respect, LGBTQ+

Mixed Teams

Our goal is to provide best products and services worldwide by combining our excellence that comes from agile and motivated teams - regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation and identities (LGBTQ+), religious opinions or cultural background. We want to show and live respectful cooperation and provide a safe and healthy working environment for everyone without discrimination.

Disability, Care, Competences

Inclusion & Care

Our supportive and caring team is actively committed to people with disabilities. Everyone shall focus on individual competences and not their limitations, creating a working culture of special competences, trust and strengths. Learning from each other is key and also showing empathy and consideration for those who need our help. 

Core Values and Responsibility

Core Values

We treat our customers, partners and employees fair, with authenticity and honesty and are committed to the highest ethical standards. Our people continually improve processes, core competencies and skills, not only in understanding new technologies and driving company innovation, but also by respecting personal rights and corporate responsibility.

Move. Unite. Excite. We are SYSGO.

We perform regular trainings and educate our staff in courses such as Safety and Security instructions, data protection, compliance or the right behaviour for a disadvantage-free working environment for our people. Audits, self-assessments and surveys support SYSGO's risk management organization by identifying problems or weaknesses and take immediate action at all levels - management, human resources and colleagues.


Ethics, Integrity and Diversity