Software Quality Assurance

SYSGO's mission is to support customers with leading edge technologies and services as a trusted advisor in the accomplishment of their goals. Therefore, SYSGO attaches great importance to the well-functioning of its embedded software solutions as well as the stages these solutions are developed in. In order to build outstanding embedded software solutions, process quality has to be assured in the first place.

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Bottom-up Approach to Software QA

Software development with high quality demands compliant to certification standards like DO-178C can only be successfully implemented, if all stages of the development process can be precisely described, checked and continuously improved. SYSGO's software engineers adopt and learn from the very beginning of their engagement about our Quality Assurance (QA) philosophy.

Customer Benefits

We enforce the philosophy of living QA processes in all our software development stages and


Implement QA processes as an integral component of project development


Train engineers to be self dependent by being compliant with software QA processes


Integrate feedback of development engineers in QA processes


Perform engineering audits, which also include feedback possibilities

We integrate permanent self-tests of the quality assurance system and improve certification processes according to development process experience and project's “lessons learned”. Results of external and internal audits and assessments are used to permanently improve our software development processes.

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