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PikeOS RTOS & Hypervisor

PikeOS RTOS & Hypervisor

What is PikeOS?

PikeOS is a real-time operating system (RTOS) and hypervisor that supports multiple applications with different Safety and Security levels on a single hardware platform. 

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Why do I need an RTOS?

RTOS (real-time operating systems) ensure precise timing and resource management, making it essential for applications like Automotive, Aerospace, and industrial systems where timely and reliable execution of tasks is critical for Safety and performance. PikeOS has a small kernel making it usable for hard real-time applications.

Is PikeOS compatible with popular Hardware Platforms?

Yes, SYSGO works with various hardware vendors and offers compatibility with a wide range of industry-standard hardware. PikeOS is available for x86, ARM v7 v8, SPARC/LEON v8, PowerPC and RISC-V.

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Is PikeOS compatible with Industry Standards?

Yes, PikeOS adheres to industry standards such as ARINC 653, POSIX, or AUTOSAR, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of applications and facilitating integration into existing systems.

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PikeOS RTOS / PikeOS Hypervisor - What's the Difference?

PikeOS RTOS (real-time operating system) is designed for embedded systems, providing real-time capabilities for applications. PikeOS Hypervisor extends this functionality by adding virtualization features, allowing multiple operating systems to run concurrently on the same hardware. The RTOS ensures real-time responsiveness for critical tasks, while the hypervisor enables isolation and management of multiple guest operating systems on a single platform (e.g. for Automotive applications).

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Is PikeOS certified for Safety-critical Applications?

Yes, PikeOS is certified according to various Safety standards like DO-178C (Avionics), ECSS-E-ST-40C (Space), EN 50128 (Railway), ISO 26262 (Automotive), or IEC 61508 (programmable electronic devices), making it suitable for Safety-critical systems.

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How does SYSGO ensure the Security of embedded Systems?

SYSGO prioritizes Security with features like memory protection, secure boot, and isolation mechanisms to safeguard your critical applications. The PikeOS 5.1.3 separation kernel is therefore certified according to Common Criteria EAL5+.

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Can I use PikeOS for mixed-criticality Systems?

Absolutely, PikeOS allows you to run critical and non-critical applications side by side securely and independently isolated from each other. This is called "partitioning". Partitioning is a technique used to ensure the separation and isolation of different software components or applications. 

PikeOS and ELinOS - What's the Difference?

PikeOS is or RTOS (real-time operating system) and hypervisor, while ELinOS is our own Linux-based embedded operating system distribution. The choice depends on your system's requirements and the application.

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PikeOS / PikeOS for MPU - What's the Difference?

PikeOS is our real-time operating system (RTOS), serving a broad range of embedded systems. PikeOS for MPU (Memory Protection Unit) is a specific configuration of PikeOS that leverages Memory Protection Units. While PikeOS meets the needs of various embedded applications, PikeOS for MPU is tailored for use in critical environments where Memory Protection Units are crucial for maintaining system integrity and isolating critical software components.

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What is PikeOS for MPU?

PikeOS for MPU is a real-time operating system (RTOS) designed for lightweight systems that come with a Memory Protection Unit (MPU) only. PikeOS for MPU provides real-time partitioning for MPU architectures to enhance system Safety and Security for avionics, space aerospace, automotive, railway, industrial, and medical applications.

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What makes PikeOS for MPU suitable for embedded Systems?

PikeOS for MPU is tailored for embedded systems, offering real-time behaviour and a modular architecture. It supports the execution of multiple applications with different criticality levels on a single platform. 

How does PikeOS for MPU handle Real-Time Requirements?

PikeOS for MPU is designed with real-time capabilities, providing deterministic behaviour and low-latency response times. This makes it suitable for applications where timing precision is crucial, such as Avionics, Space, Automotive, and industrial control systems.

Is PikeOS for MPU compatible with Industry Standards?

Yes, PikeOS for MPU uses +80% of the original PikeOS code base ensuring compatibility with a wide range of applications and facilitating integration into existing industry standards and systems.

Can PikeOS for MPU support Mixed-Criticality Applications?

Yes, PikeOS for MPU excels in mixed-criticality environments. It enables the simultaneous execution of applications with varying Safety and Security requirements on a single MPU, maintaining separation and integrity.

What Communication Interfaces does PikeOS for MPU support for Inter-Process Communication?

PikeOS for MPU supports various communication interfaces, including shared memory, message-passing, and remote procedure call (RPC), facilitating seamless communication between different applications while maintaining isolation.

Can PikeOS for MPU be customized for specific Hardware Platforms?

Yes, PikeOS for MPU offers a flexible and adaptable architecture, allowing customization for different hardware platforms. Have a look at our list to see which architectures and boards are supported.

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How does PikeOS for MPU contribute to reducing development time and costs?

PikeOS for MPU streamlines development by providing a modular and scalable platform, e.g. combing PikeOS for MPU and PikeOS on a single SoC may replace redundant hardware. Its ability to run multiple applications on a single MPU enhances efficiency, reducing development time and costs, and customers who are already used to PikeOS can port their applications with minimal effort to PikeOS for MPU projects.

ELinOS Embedded Linux

ELinOS Embedded Linux

What is ELinOS?

ELinOS is an industrial-grade Embedded Linux distribution developed by SYSGO. It is designed to meet the stringent requirements for embedded systems in various industries, powered by open source components. It is suitable for industries such as Aerospace, Automotive, and Industrial Automation.

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What sets ELinOS apart from other Embedded Linux distributions?

ELinOS is a highly customizable distribution providing a lot of powerful tools to help customers setting up and configuring their projects. The unique driven feature configuration approach allows customers building a fully operational image in less than five minutes. The systems are tailored for Safety-critical applications, offering real-time capabilities, deterministic behavior, and robust Security features. SYSGO collaborates with customers to adapt ELinOS to specific Safety standards and requirements for different application domains.

Can ELinOS run on resource-constrained embedded systems?

Yes, ELinOS can be configured to run on resource-constrained embedded systems. SYSGO provides guidance and tools for optimizing the footprint of ELinOS to meet the requirements of devices with limited memory and processing power.

Is ELinOS compliant with Safety standards?

ELinOS on top of an underlying certified operating system like PikeOS for Safety-critical operations provides a reliable and robust foundation for embedded applications. PikeOS is compliant with Safety standards such as ISO 26262 for Automotive, DO-178C for Avionics, or IEC 61508 for industrial applications, and ensures that the entire stack adheres to rigorous safety requirements. 

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What Security features does ELinOS offer?

ELinOS integrates several Security features such as a hardened Linux kernel, secure boot options, support for encryption protocols, Over-the-Air updates, SELinux and many more. SYSGO actively monitors and addresses Security vulnerabilities to ensure a robust and secure embedded environment and provides software updates including Security fixes on a regular base.

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I need to provide Security Updates and Maintenance of my Product for 5 Years due to the EU Cyber Resilience Act (CRA). How can ELinOS support me?

ELinOS provides Security updates and maintenance in the standard support contract for 5 years. After this period SYSGO offers additional services like the long-term support to help customer keeping their products up to date and to fix Security issues. Each ELinOS version is carefully tested to support customer updating their existing projects to the latest ELinOS version. This makes the transition to newer Linux kernel and package versions as easy as possible.

Can ELinOS be customized for specific Hardware Platforms?

Yes, ELinOS is highly customizable and can be adapted to different hardware architectures. SYSGO provides tools and support to facilitate the porting and customization process.

Can ELinOS be integrated with other Middleware or 3rd-Party Components?

Yes, ELinOS is designed to be modular and can seamlessly integrate with various middleware and 3rd-party components. This flexibility allows developers to leverage existing software solutions and easily extend functionality.

Can ELinOS be used for both x86 and ARM Architectures?

Yes, ELinOS is architecture-agnostic and can be ported to various processor architectures, including x86 and ARM and all other supported architectures. This flexibility allows developers to choose the hardware platform that best suits their application requirements.

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Is ELinOS suitable for IoT Applications?

Yes, ELinOS is suitable for IoT (Internet-of-Things) applications where real-time performance, reliability, and Security is crucial. It provides a flexible and scalable platform for developing IoT solutions in various industries. Try it!

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What kind of Support does SYSGO offer for ELinOS Users?

SYSGO provides comprehensive support, including documentation, training, and technical assistance. Additionally, SYSGO offers maintenance services, updates, and long-term support to ensure the continued reliability of ELinOS-based systems. This ensures that embedded systems stay up-to-date with the latest features, Security enhancements, and bug fixes throughout their life cycle.

Is there a Development Environment available for ELinOS?

Yes, SYSGO provides its own Eclipse-based development tool called CODEO - an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) - to streamline the software development process for ELinOS. CODEO facilitates application development, debugging, and testing on the embedded platform.

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I didn't find Package XYZ in ELinOS. Can I add it on my own?

Yes, ELinOS includes all required tools to compile your own sources or other 3rd-party packages. The preconfigured cross compilation environment allows you to easily recompile any source code for your target architecture.

I'm using a CI/CD Environment. Is it possible to integrate ELinOS?

Yes, the ELinOS distribution includes all required tools, libraries and binaries to setup, configure and build the system in a CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery) environment.

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Can I integrate a Yocto BSP provided by the Board Vendor into ELinOS?

Yes, you can easily integrate any Yocto BSP into ELinOS. In this case, the Yocto Linux kernel and BSP overlay is used and merged with the ELinOS user space. All tools including the feature configurator can be used to generate the image.

How long does it take to setup a new Project and load it onto my Target Board?

ELinOS uses a combined approach of pre-compiled packages with the BSP's and Linux kernel in source. This allows to build a tailored Linux kernel including only required drivers and services with a fast setup time by using the precompiled packages. The process to create a new project, enable the required features and components and build the final image is less than five minutes.

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Is an Internet Access required to use ELinOS?

No, all tools to build the project as well as the target packages are available on the local machine after installing the product.

Can I get a list of Open Source Licenses used in my Project?

Yes, ELinOS can automatically create a list of Open Source packages with the corresponding license used by the project.

Our Working Environment consists of Windows Systems. Can we use ELinOS on Windows and switch to Linux later on?

Yes, ELinOS can be used on Windows and Linux host systems. The projects can be easily moved from a Windows to a Linux machine.

Is there a Trial Version of ELinOS?

Yes, we can provide you with a free and full version of ELinOS. The test license is valid for 30 days and ends automatically. 

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Our Services

What is the Cost Structure for SYSGO Products?

Our pricing varies depending on your specific requirements, like certification and integration needs, support and other services. Contact our Sales team to discuss pricing options tailored to your project.

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Do you offer Customer Support and Training Services?

Yes, SYSGO provides comprehensive customer support, including training, consulting, and maintenance services to ensure the success of your project. Talk to us about your specific needs.

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Is there a Customization and Integration Support?

Yes, SYSGO assists in customizing its software products to meet specific project requirements and provides integration support for seamless incorporation into existing systems.

Can I get Certification Support?

Absolutely, SYSGO provides guidance and documentation to support customers in achieving Safety and Security certifications required for their projects.

How can I report a Bug or request for a new Feature?

You can report issues or suggest features through our support portal or contact our technical support team directly. 

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How does SYSGO address Cybersecurity Threats and Vulnerabilities?

SYSGO actively monitors Cybersecurity developments and collaborates with Security experts to mitigate emerging threats.

Does SYSGO provide Security Updates and Patches for its Products?

Yes, SYSGO offers timely Security updates and patches to address vulnerabilities and maintain the integrity of its software.

How can I get started with SYSGO Products?

You can contact our Sales team or use or HW / SW request tool to explore product options. Or download a free test version of our ELinOS embedded Linux distribution with some example project files. 

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Is SYSGO using Open Source Licenses and if yes, where?

ELinOS is the SYSGO Linux distribution and fully open source based. PikeOS is proprietary. For both products a license manifest is being offered.

Our Company

Who is SYSGO?

SYSGO is a leading provider of embedded real-time operating systems (RTOS) and hypervisors for embedded systems in critical environments. Since 1991, SYSGO delivers innovative solutions tailored for various industry use cases, ensuring Safety, Security, and reliability in mission-critical applications. Headquartered near Mainz (Germany), we also have offices in Ulm, Rostock, Paris, Prague and the UK. 

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Which Industries benefit from SYSGO Solutions?

SYSGO serves industries such as Aerospace, Railway, Automotive, Industrial Automation, and Medical devices with its Safety- and Security-critical software solutions.

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What is the SYSGO Ecosystem?

Our software and hardware ecosystem include partner technology collaborations, 3rd-party integrations, and a vibrant community contributing to the growth and versatility of our solutions.

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How does SYSGO support Security in embedded Systems?

SYSGO's solutions offer isolation and Security mechanisms to protect against cyber threats and unauthorized access.

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What does "ITAR-free" mean, and why is it important?

ITAR-free signifies that our products comply with International Traffic in Arms Regulations, ensuring they can be exported globally without any restrictions. Need more information?

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ISO 9001:2015 - What's that?

  • ISO 9001 is an internationally recognized standard for quality management systems. It sets out the criteria for a quality management system and is based on a number of quality management principles including a strong customer focus, involvement of top management, a process approach, and continual improvement.
  • SYSGO's ISO 9001:2015 certification demonstrates its dedication to delivering high-quality products and services while continuously improving its processes to meet customer expectations.

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ISO/IEC 27001:2017 - What's that?

  • DIN EN ISO / IEC 27001:2017 is a globally recognized standard for information Security management systems. It provides a systematic approach to managing sensitive company information, ensuring its confidentiality, integrity, and availability.
  • SYSGO's certification to DIN EN ISO / IEC 27001:2017 signifies its commitment to safeguarding sensitive information, both its own and that of its customers, through the implementation of robust information Security management practices.

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What is SYSGO's Approach to Ethics and Diversity?

SYSGO is committed to maintaining high ethical standards and promoting diversity within the organization. We believe in fostering an inclusive work environment where all individuals are respected and valued for their unique perspectives and contributions. Our company policies emphasize integrity, fairness, and equal opportunities for all employees, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic. 

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How does SYSGO contribute to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles?

SYSGO advances ESG principles by prioritizing environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and corporate governance. We develop software for efficiency, able to reducing emissions in transportation and industries. Additionally, we support workplace diversity and inclusion, ensure data Security, and adhere to strict governance standards. Through these efforts, we provide innovative solutions for Safety-critical environments while making meaningful contributions to ESG goals.

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