RTOS & Hypervisor

The core of the PikeOS operating system is a bare metal, type 1 hypervisor that offers embedded virtualization while still maintaining strict real time capabilities. Its primary domain is the virtualization of Safety- or Security-critical environments with a huge software basis, typically running state of the art algorithms alongside legacy code. PikeOS has its origins in the ARINC 653 standard, allowing to execute virtual machines with different degrees of criticality on the same hardware.

Due to its minimalistic design, the separation kernel is hardened against Cyber Security attacks of all kinds, allowing to build secure systems and gateways.

Nowadays, PikeOS is present in all markets that require safe, secure and  cost efficient solutions, such as Avionics, Defense, Space, Automotive, Industrial Automation and Medical.

The OS has provided evidence of its suitability in multiple projects that have undergone certification at the highest levels of Safety and Security.

PikeOS BSP List

Board Support Packages

PikeOS BSP List

Customer Benefits


Helps Scaling of Platform / Product Development

  • RTOS and Hypervisor in one product
  • Wide range of guest OS (POSIX, Linux, Android, ARINC, AUTOSAR, ...)
  • Start with feature development and certify later
  • Combined Safety and Security in a single product with mixed criticality

Hardware Consolidation

  • One hardware, multiple guestOS
  • Broad support of hardware architectures
  • MMU and MPU support
  • ARM trust zone
  • Hardware virtualization, e.g. for performant graphics

Reduction of Time-to-Market

  • Seamless hosting of third parties applications
  • Easy project configuration
  • Certification artefacts
  • ITAR free

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