CODEO Development Environment

Developing embedded applications for embedded virtualization requires specific support from the integrated development environment.

CODEO Development Environment

The Eclipse-based IDE CODEO supports system architects with graphical configuration tools, provides all the components software engineers need to develop embedded applications and includes comprehensive little helpers to finish embedded projects in a time-saving and cost-efficient way:

Guided configuration, remote debugging (down to the hardware instruction level), target monitoring, remote application deployment, and timing analyses. Of course, CODEO provides standard application development features such as compiler, assembler and linker.

Works with PikeOS, PikeOS for MPU and ELinOS.


CODEO Product Overview



Pre-Installed C/C++ Tooling

CODEO is based on the well-known Eclipse IDE and comes along with pre-installed C/C++ Development Tooling (CDT).

The CDT offers basic services such as

CODEO Software Code
  • C/C++ Code Editor
  • Syntax Highlighting
  • Code Completion
  • Source Navigation
  • Source Knowledge
    • Type Hierarchy
    • Call Graph
    • Include Browser
    • Macro Definition Browser

CODEO Visual Debugging
  • Source Code Refactoring
  • Visual Debugging Tools, Views displaying
    • Memory
    • Registers
    • Disassembly

PikeOS and ELinOS Integration

CODEO uses the Plug-In mechanism to tightly integrate the PikeOS and ELinOS products. The interaction with the user takes place via Eclipse views. Those are presented by means of eclipse perspectives in order to provide a user-centric experience. During each step of the development (e.g. configuration, development, debugging) there is one perspective that offers the user the right tools for the current work flow.

All products are integrated into the same IDE and can be used simultaneously, even with other extensions from out partners or other 3rd party tools.

In addition to that, for all of our products a hardware emulator is available. You can run PikeOS as well as ELinOS on your target architecture without having access to the real hardware. This allows to work in big teams without the bottleneck of waiting on the availability of the physical board. The QEMU machine emulator is directly integrated into the CODEO environment.

PikeOS RTOS & Hypervisor

PikeOS & PikeOS for MPU Integration

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ELinOS Embedded Linux

ELinOS Integration

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Integration into the Eclipse IDE provides a well-known user interface



Debugging/Tracing of PikeOS and ELinOS targets is supported seamlessly



C/C++ development environment with source code awareness and active code completion



Hardware emulator allows testing your integration on the desired target architecture without having access to the physical board

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