CODEO 7.5 is available since April 2024

Major Changes in a Nutshell

  • Eclipse platform update on 2023-09 including bug fixes
  • ELinOS 7.2 product support
  • Refactored workflows and wizards for Integration projects based on customer feedback (Add View)
  • Improved error handling for conditions
  • Navigate from variable to the related parameter

Configurable Threshold for Memory Graphs

Never miss critical information with the PikeOS monitor when measuring the memory size. CODEO supports configurable threshold and high water marks to spot cases when your application does not operate in the expected values.


CODEO works faster with ELinOS System Projects

CODEO 7.5 is working faster when managing ELinOS system projects. This has been achieved by scoping down the amount of files in the resource tree to the most relevant files only.


Find Components required by the Project

In CODEO 7.5 it is possible to apply a dependency filter on the Add View. With this it is possible to find suitable components for a missing dependency with a few clicks.


GCOV Data Analysis integrated in CODEO

CODEO offers the user interface for displaying GCOV data generated from ELinOS applications.


Integrated User Assistance to find relevant Parameter Settings

CODEO is able to guide the user from a plain variable inside VMIT or Rom image to the actual parameter that will alter the variable. This will help the user to quickly find the right element to in order to resolve configuration issues like partition Id or naming conflicts.


Reworked Workflow of Component Integration

In previous versions of CODEO, the workflow of adding components into an integration project have had some flaws, leading to unclear situations and questions for customers. In CODEO 7.5, the workflow is better integrated allowing seamless and fluent interaction with the user interface. It offers a better user guidance and clear a behavior.

  • Components are filtered according to the selection
  • Smart filters to find components of a certain category or for dependency
  • Double click will add the component to the current selection
  • No dialog prompt when adding a single component



Eclipse Platform updated to Eclipse 2022-03 and simplified Installation Procedure

The Eclipse Platform has been updated to get to the new fixes and updates in the Eclipse framework. In addition the installation procedure for installing CODEO plugins into another Eclipse IDE has been simplified by only providing a single file that has to be installed. In prior releases we had multiple files and the user has to pick the correct file. This change simplifies the procedure to integrate CODEO with a 3rd party IDE for a better user experience in regards of DevOPs and SYSGO tools integration.


License Server Installer included on CODEO Media

CODEO 7.4 is the first release containing the license server installer and related documents on its media. With this it is possible to install the license server from the current CODEO release and in any case update already released product installation. This opens the opportunity to use CODEO 7.4 (an future versions) even for products that were initially released for an different license server version.

Benefit: Shipping the license server installation this way resolves technical dependencies and offers more flexibility for combining our products.


More than 70 Bugfixes

CODEO 7.4 contains more than 70 bug fixes and improvements for better user experience effecting PikeOS configuration command line tools and the CODEO IDE. For example: Detailed error messages due to improved error handing, fixed usability issues in Monitor and Trace Tool.


Error Tracing from Build Log to ELinOS Feature Configurator

In case of an error in the ELinOS feature configuration making the build step to fail, the user is now guided to the problematic parameter inside the graphical user interface by simply clicking the error message inside the build log console. This makes it more efficient to identify and solve build problems.


Simplified ELinOS Project Import and Migration from previous Version

When importing projects into ELinOS 7.1 product environment CODEO is able to automatically update the project in case the project was initially created in a previous ELinOS 7.x version. This works even if the old ELinOS 7.x version is not installed on the workstation. This simplifies the migration procedure when updating to a new version because old ELinOS installations do not need to be present on the workstation.


Adjusted Features for Memory Map Calculation in Context of PikeOS for MPU 1.1 to support the latest Product Features

The "Memory Map" calculation tool is capable to analyze boot images and pikeos application binaries to generate a graphical preview of the memory layout offline (without a target system invoked). This tools has been improved and adapted to the recent features in PikeOS for MPU 1.1. It does now support the visualization of position independent executable (PIE) binaries, that is a PikeOS MPU 1.1 feature to relocate the executable address without the need of a MMU. 


Improved CODEO UI Responsiveness and Overall Performance when configuring PikeOS Integration Projects

The growing complexity and features of BSPs require faster tools. Therefore CODEO and the command line tools have been internally optimized for gaining more performance. Especially the project creation time has been improved significantly for CODEO IDE and command line tools (pikeos-cloneproject). The later results in shorter round trip times for automated test frameworks and for build systems within a CI and DevOPs environment. Additionally the UI is more responsive for PikeOS project configuration.


Improved User Guidance because of Smart Filters in CODEO

The "Add View" offers a wide palette of building blocks ready for drag and drop into a PikeOS Integration Project. The smart filter can be enabled by "Show only compatible" checkbox. This filter has been improved in this release to better differentiate between Integration and Fusion projects. If enabled (as is by default) it will only present components that are useful in the current configuration context.


Support to run CODEO in a headless Mode for importing Projects for better DevOPs Experience

With CODEO 7.4 introduced a headless mode to run without graphical front-end and import projects into the workspace. This feature will fix the missing link when creating a automated build chain with CODEO involved. Now it is possible to create projects and build them using the benefits of the CODEO IDE but without having a UI. It simplifies the workflow especially for users preferring the CODEO UI as their main editor as it allows them to use the build settings made in CODEO even when they are building on command line or in a build system.