Major Changes in a Nutshell

  • Compatible with Eclipse 2021-03 release
  • Compatible with PikeOS 5.0, 5.1, ELinOS 7.0
  • Support for PikeOS for MPU 1.0
  • Memory visualization and validation tool for MPU projects
  • Screen capture feature for all graphical editors
  • Debugging through serial port w/o MUXA
  • Improved tools for project creation and sharing

PikeOS for MPU Support

  • Supporting the new PikeOS for MPU product
  • Rich tool set and workflow similar to PikeOS


CODEO 7.2 is available since April 2022.


Memory Map Calculation and Visualizing Tool for PikeOS for MPU

  • New tool for calculating and displaying the memory mapping for PikeOS for MPU related projects
  • Graphical representation of memory blocks, making it easy to find issues like overlapping blocks
  • Generating of plain text reports for documentation or review purposes
  • Graphical representation can be exported and saved as PNG image

Screen Capture and Image Export for CODEO graphical Editors

  • Button to capture an image of the graphical representation of the PikeOS configuration tool and Memory Map view for purpose of documentation.
    Available for the following editors and views:
    • Scheduling editor
    • Channels editor
    • Shared Memory editor
    • Memory Map view

  • Available for all PikeOS products and versions

Creating & Managing complex Project Setups in PikeOS & PikeOS for MPU

  • Manage complex project setups like cross/complex SoC platforms, typically assembled from many PikeOS (-MPU) application, integration, fusion projects and pools
  • New tools for simplifying the creation, sharing such projects within a development team

Debugging Support for PikeOS through Serial Port

  • Enhanced debug integration to support debugging without MUXA infrastructure but through the serial port directly