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Turnkey-Ready Development Platform

Partitioning critical and non-critical application code in independent time and memory spaces

SYSGO and Kontron present SAFe-VX, a turnkey-ready developing suite, providing fully representative hardware and a complete toolchain for software development, which is integrated into the Eclipse-based IDE CODEO.

The integrated development environment provides all the components that software engineers need to develop embedded applications and includes comprehensive little helpers to finish embedded projects in a time-saving and cost-efficient way.

SYSGO's head of technical sales, Thierry Maudire explains the SAFe-VX for embedded railway solutions.

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SAFe-VX Platform Highlights

Standard Components

  • Eclipse-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
  • Project Setup Wizard
  • Graphical configuration tools
  • Graphical remote debugging, down to hardware level
  • Remote application deployment

Static System Analysis & Control

  • Static system analysis & more
  • Remote system explorer
  • PikeOS monitor
  • Partition control

Dynamic System Analysis

  • Application and kernel tracing
  • Optional light weight tracing for less impact on performance
  • User-defined trace events
  • Triggers and event filters
  • Event search

Additional Features

  • Health monitor
  • Hardware emulation

SAFe-VX Architecture

Hardware Architecture

Software Architecture

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