Turnkey-Ready Development Platform

  • Solution by SYSGO & Kontron
  • Turnkey-ready development suite
  • Hardware & toolchain for software development
  • Integrated into the Eclipse-based CODEO IDE
  • Time-saving & cost-efficient realization of embedded projects
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Signalling Applications

Signalling Applications

Wayside Communication

Wayside Communication

Rolling Stock

Rolling Stock

VPX-based Architecture

Flexible & modular
VPX-based Architecture


Safe and secure
RTOS Basis

Multi-Core Configuration

Multi-Core Support

Modular Hardware with safe & secure Operating System
including Safety Library

Targeted to Railway applications for signalling, way-side handling and rolling stock, SAFe-VX consists of a modular hardware, operating system and Safety library. It implements a 1oo2D Safety architecture with two channels and a voter. In order to achieve a Safety level of SIL 4, two boards can be run in tandem. The platform is intended to be used within development and simulation environments as well as in real-life scenarios, supporting the highest Safety levels (SIL 4).

Certification kits for hardware and software are available.

The SAFe-VX Platform

Partitioning critical / non-critical application code in independent time and memory spaces.

Software Architecture

PikeOS is the backbone of the platform, as it naturally fulfils the substantial requirements of determinism and real-time, Security, Safety and virtualization. As a Type 1 hypervisor, it directly runs on the embedded hardware and makes the overall system as performant as possible. Another performance boost comes through the multi-core support, which has proven its maturity in recent Railway projects. PikeOS is the first operating system that has been certified according to SIL 4 in a multi-core project.

The virtualization environment of PikeOS allows to separate and isolate application from each other by means of strict static time- and resource partitioning. This offers the opportunity to run mixed-criticality configurations, such as black-channel communication where a low-critical Linux partition provides a complex (TCP/IP) network stack. At the same time the high-critical application (that provides the functional Safety) runs in a separate partition and cannot be influenced by the Linux partition.

Black-Channel Communication

Networking in Safety-critical Environments: Learn more

Hardware Architecture

The hardware comes from Kontron and bases on the VPX (Vital) standard. Computing modules for network and digital I/O can be plugged-in based on project needs. The reference implementation consists of three x86 computing boards and one network switch hosted in a rack with 4U height. The network connections are routed on the rack’s backplane. SAFe-VX does not present any single point of failure.

Safety Library

The Safety library makes use of the three computing boards by employing two redundant channel and one voter. Together with comprehensive continuous built-in tests / monitoring, a 1oo2D Safety architecture (one-out-of-two-with-Diagnosis) is employed. For projects with a demand to Safety level SIL 4, two parallel computing platforms are switched together.


CODEO Development Environment

The package SAFe-VX comes as a turnkey-ready developing suite, providing fully representative hardware and a complete toolchain for software development, which is integrated into the Eclipse-based IDE CODEO. The integrated development environment provides all the components that software engineers need to develop embedded applications and includes comprehensive little helpers to finish embedded projects in a time-saving and cost-efficient way.

More about CODEO


More Customer Benefits

Jointly with our hardware partner Kontron we offer:


Turnkey-ready Development Platform

Development platform for Safety-critical applications using PikeOS as RTOS & Hypervisor


Safety-critical Development Computer

Flexible & modular VPX-based architecture, state-of-the-art with modern processors


Safety-critical Software Design

Ideal to accommodate Safety and non-Safety tasks, without compromising segregation and partitioning


Application Lifecycle Management

Fast transition from development to deployment, reducing time-to-market and total cost of ownership


Wayside or Rolling Stock Applications

Large operating T Range, shock & vibrations, EMC/ EMI environments


Long-Term Support

We offer long-term support for program operations up to 30 years

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