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Guided Integration

Expert support for seamless SYSGO product integration at every project stage

Customer-centric Excellence

Setting new standards with prompt, tailored solutions and satisfaction focus

Tailored Support for Success

Addressing unique needs with specialized solutions for Safety and Security standards

Customer Support Options


Longterm Support

Standard Support

The baseline is the Standard Product Support that covers the basic questions on the use of the product (installation, tools usage etc.) via E-Mail. SYSGO will provide update information on request and offers optionally technical consulting as a service. Basic Standard Support includes the update service covering updates to all newer releases of the supported products free of charge.

Support Overview

Premium Support

Standard Support can be upgraded to Premium Support, that offers more customer-specific support with direct contact to our Engineering team.

Support Overview

Long-Term Support

Customers who are using product versions that are reaching End-Of-Life (EOL), but want to stay on that version and want to have continued support from SYSGO can enter into a Long-Term Support contract.

Support Overview

Customer Device Certification Support

If the customer decides to start a new product development that has to follow certification requirements, SYSGO is supporting this development by providing certification kits for several dedicated Safety and Security standards.

Support Overview

Customer-certified Device Life Cycle Support

During the second period that starts with the achievement of certification (or SOP), support to achieve the certification is not needed anymore, but regular Safety / Security bulletins have to be provided to keep the certification valid for devices in operation.

Support Overview

Training Software Installation

Training Programs

Dive into a journey of tech empowerment with us. Our mission is to familiarize your teams with our solutions, empowering them to work autonomously and efficiently. Explore our specialized training programs led by SYSGO's experts and unleash the full potential of our innovative solutions. Improve your skills and feel more confident navigating the embedded tech world.

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