Nowadays almost every embedded computer is online. That opens new opportunities but also requires new approaches on the software architecture. Devices must provide functionality but still be safe and secure. One key technology lies in virtualization. However, you'll still need to balance connectivity, real-time behaviour and virtualization.

Connectivity Basic Networking

Basic Networking

How to use networking in a virtualization environment.

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Multiplexing Application Input/Output

Multiplexing Application Input/Output

You have only one physical connection to your board and want to debug and analyse the behaviour of multiple guest operating systems at the same time? 

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Edge-to-Cloud Platform

The PikeOS Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS) represents a pioneering solution that blends in the agility of Edge Computing with the scalability of the Cloud.

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Networking in Safety-Critical Environments

Networking in Safety-critical Environments

This site depicts some use cases for networking in Safety and certification-relevant projects.

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Networking in Security-Critical Environments

Networking in Security-critical Environments

How to allow communication but still be resilient against Cybersecurity attacks.

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AFDX® compliant Software Stack

AFDX® compliant Software Stack

SYSGO's ARINC 644 data networking solution.

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