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In case you want to inform SYSGO about Security issues with one of our products, please contact us.

Vulnerability Report

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To protect sensitive information, we ask you to encrypt your message with the PGP key provided below.

Please provide as much details as possible in your report, including:

  • Product name and version where you found the issue
  • If possible, steps to reproduce the situation where the vulnerability was discovered
  • Information about known exploits

Our SYSGO Security team will contact you as soon as the request has been processed.

Thank you for your support!

Key Information:

Activation Date: Aug 23, 2018
Expiration Date: Aug 23, 2028
Fingerprint: 9547 0823 A191 AD95 D0B7 6E19 B06C E47F B5D6 2CA3
Key type: RSA
Key size: 4096 bit

Download:   PGP Key


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