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INTEL Spectre Meltdown SYSGO

Intel appreciates SYSGO Engineers for finding Vulnerabilities on Spectre

SYSGO, Safety, Security

SYSGO is at the leading edge when it comes to safety and security technologies in the embedded world. The discovery of the new vulnerability by SYSGO developers once again emphasizes the deep expertise and the dedication of the entire staff while they strive to offer customers much more than just reliable code.

The appreciation by Intel for this discovery shows that SYSGO engineers are at the forefront of technology itself as well as of security. We at SYSGO will continue to have a holistic view of our customers’ needs and requirements, keeping our software platforms safe, secure and certifiable.

We are proud to congratulate Zdenek Sojka, Rudolf Marek and Alex Zuepke for the Intel acknowledgement.

For further details please have a look at Intel’s latest Security Information.