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Security by Design in Industry 4.0

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In the era of Industry 4.0, the use of electronic devices in industrial automation has evolved significantly. However, on the field level, certain aspects of Industry 3.0, such as the programming of PLCs with simple input-process-output patterns, have been slow to adapt to new IT trends. As devices become more powerful and dynamic, their software complexity increases exponentially.

This complexity poses a challenge to software developers, as errors in control software can have serious consequences. Two critical aspects affected by such errors are safety and security. Functional safety ensures that devices do not pose risks to their environment due to errors in their actions or non-actions. Standards like IEC 61508 are established to govern the creation of safe control systems.

On the other hand, security becomes a significant concern in Industry 4.0, especially when devices are interconnected with the external world beyond the control of the plant operator. Software bugs can compromise the security of these devices, making them susceptible to malicious external influences.

Safety and security are interconnected, and without proper security measures, functional safety cannot be assured. Ensuring both safety and security is crucial for the reliable and efficient functioning of complex industrial systems in the evolving landscape of Industry 4.0. Download our whitepaper for a more comprehensive understanding of these challenges and solutions.

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