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Our Linux distribution ELinOS has been designed to allow developers to save time and effort by helping them to focus on their application.
The industrial grade Linux with a user-friendly IDE goes along with the best selection of software packages to meet customer needs.

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ELinOS is equipped with features that empower developers to build state of the art embedded solutions. It comes with industrial grade drivers, connectivity stacks, real-time extensions, support for industrial hardware, a graphical development environment and support from engineers with experience in industrial applications. It provides a cross toolchain that is available for Windows as well as Linux hosts.

Regarding maintenance time, we support every version of ELinOS at least for 5 years.

Whenever required, a long-term support for 10 years and more is also possible.


ELinOS Product Overview



Board Support Packages

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What's new with ELinOS 7.1?

Have a look at what's new with features and updates of our latest ELinOS version.

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Main Benefits at a Glance


Complete toolchain with cross compiler for development on Windows and Linux host systems


Very convenient and fast to set up embedded Linux distribution


Eclipse-based integrated development environment


Powerful feature-driven configuration


Small memory footprint


Reduced attack surface due to lightweight focus


Linux kernel with long term support and real-time capabilities


Long-term maintenance with Security and bugfixes on Debian-based open source packages

Free ELinOS Test Version

Are you interested and want to get your hands on our ELinOS Linux distribution? We offer a free and full version of ELinOS to get familiar with the features and possibilities.

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Fast and convenient to use

ELinOS Lightweight Embedded Linux

Lightweight Embedded Linux for the Intelligent Edge

Our Embedded Linux ELinOS is the most versatile and convenient to use development platform for the intelligent edge! Developers for embedded applications benefit from a comprehensive toolchain and professional life cycle services. Fast time-to-market via intelligent design makes your project successful and your devices smart.

Setting up an embedded Linux system has never been more straight forward and faster: ELinOS’ Feature Configurator makes it convenient deploying a fully functional feature-rich yet extremely lightweight embedded Linux distribution to a target system.

Smart Memory Fast Boot

Smallest Memory Footprint – Fast Boot Time

The ELinOS Library Dependency Resolver automatically detects any library dependencies and includes missing libraries without any manual effort. Instead of integrating all library parts of a package, the Library Dependency Resolver only integrates required libraries.

Combined with the compact root file system (6 MiB), the ELinOS kernel (3 MiB), the usage of memory (2 MiB) and all other efforts to minimise the footprint, ELinOS is the embedded Linux distribution with a very small memory footprint that can boot in less than 2 seconds.

ELinOS Feature Configurator

Feature Configurator

ELinOS comes with the versatile and most convenient to use build system. It takes less than five minutes to have a fully operational embedded Linux system running with every feature you need – but not a single dependency more. Due to its graphical wizards and handling configurations in the GUI, ELinOS is especially suitable when it comes to getting your custom-tailored embedded Linux to the market quickly.

It works by enabling you to select the desired features such as network support, graphics, etc. Depending on the choice, the feature configurator automatically creates the kernel configuration, adds user space applications and their related libraries as well as default configuration files. When you change your mind, the feature configurator removes the items and dependencies again, always providing a system with absolutely no overhead.

If you need full control, it is still possible to override certain settings by means of the graphical kernel configuration editor and via direct access to the embedded root file system.

ELinOS Project Setup

Setting up an embedded Linux ELinOS Instance

ELinOS is the first choice if you want to focus on developing for embedded devices – without any overhead or lack of features.

Watch the Feature Configurator Video how to easily get your device running.


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Want to know more about the setup process?

In our SYSGO Blog we provide a Step by Step Tutorial

CODEO Development


The Eclipse-based IDE CODEO supports system architects with graphical configuration tools, provides all the components software engineers need to develop embedded applications and includes comprehensive helpers.

CODEO for ELinOS   |   CODEO Product Page

Longterm Support

Linux Embedded Professional Support

Our support provides a direct line to the ELinOS core team for your embedded Linux projects – one year for free via E-Mail for all SYSGO tools! We accompany your development process and help you fix problems quickly.

Software Secure Update

Lifecycle Updates

Customers can benefit from ongoing improvements by accessing the SYSGO customer portal, where the latest updates of target binaries, new BSPs, and add-ons are available.

Training & Consulting

Training & Consulting

We want to make building your target devices as convenient as possible. However, SYSGO’s guided trainings boost the skills of your embedded developer team and maximizes the output – for efficient teams that love to develop for embedded devices.

ELinOS: End-of-Life

Product Version Release EOL
ELinOS 5.2 2012-07 2019-12
ELinOS 6.0 2014-07 2021-09
ELinOS 6.1 2016-05 2021-12
ELinOS 6.2 2017-10 2023-03
ELinOS 7.0 2020-05 2025-06
ELinOS 7.1 2022-03 2027-04

About SYSGO's Roadmap

For standard products like PikeOS, SYSGO is performing continuous product development following the product roadmap as well as error corrections and feature enhancements. We provide customers regular product releases and updates as described in our roadmap.

Product versions and releases are identified by three-digit number A.B.C:

A = Major Release, B = Minor Release, C = Service Release

ELinOS End-of-Life (PDF)

More Customer Benefits


Automated library detection and integration into the target image


Scriptable build and deployment on target allows one-click build-and-test-scenarios


License manifest to effectively manage (open source) licenses to keep your software closed


Many Board Support Packages and the opportunity to use Yocto BSP's


Docker Support


Support for HTML5 / Wayland / Qt / GTK / Python


Strong software and hardware partner ecosystem


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