Embedded Linux Distribution

  • Industrial grade Linux with user-friendly CODEO IDE
  • Powerful features to build state-of-the-art embedded solutions
  • Strong focus on Security with container support and services
  • Time-saving and cost-efficient application development
  • Drivers, connectivity stacks, real-time extensions, support for industrial hardware and graphical development environment
  • Engineers support with experience in industrial applications

Software Development

Complete toolchain with cross compiler for development on Windows and Linux host systems.

Software Setup

Easy Setup

Very convenient and fast to set up embedded Linux distribution.

Feature Configurator

Feature Configurator

Powerful feature-driven configuration with graphical wizards.

Library Dependency

Library Dependency Resolver

Automated library detection and integration into the target image. No need to manually add shared libraries.

Memory Footprint

Small Memory Footprint

Focus on customer needs, no unnecessary services and drivers, fast boot time.

Security Features

Security Features

Secured target system against external or internal threats, 3rd party software monitoring and package updates.

File Root System

Secure File System

Reduced attacker surface with a super-compact root file system.

Click-Build Development

One-Click Build and Deployment

Scriptable build and deployment on target allow one-click build-and-test scenarios.

Support Maintenance

Long-Term Support

5 years of maintenance and long-term support for +10 years possible.

ELinOS Embedded Linux

Our Linux distribution ELinOS has been designed to allow developers to save time and effort by helping them to focus on their application.
The industrial grade Linux with an user-friendly IDE goes along with the best selection of software packages to meet customer needs.

End-of-Life (EOL)

Supported Architectures:

x86, ARM, PowerPC

Board Support Packages

Supported Boards:

Raspberry Pi, NXP i.MX6/8 and QorIQ, TQ-Systems i.MX8, NVIDIA Tegra, Xilinx, Intel / AMD based boards and more.

Board Support Packages


Are you interested?

We offer a free and full version of ELinOS to get familiar with the features and possibilities.

ELinOS Test Version Download

ELinOS Test Version


ELinOS Project Downloads

ELinOS Projects



What's new with ELinOS 7.2

Have a look at the features and updates of our latest ELinOS version.

See the new Features


Fast and convenient to use

ELinOS Lightweight Embedded Linux

Lightweight Embedded Linux for the Intelligent Edge

Our Embedded Linux ELinOS is the most versatile and convenient to use development platform for the intelligent edge! Developers for embedded applications benefit from a comprehensive toolchain and professional life cycle services. Fast time-to-market via intelligent design makes your project successful and your devices smart.

Setting up an embedded Linux system has never been more straight forward and faster: ELinOS’ Feature Configurator makes it convenient deploying a fully functional feature-rich yet extremely lightweight embedded Linux distribution to a target system.

Smallest Memory Footprint & Fast Boot Time

The ELinOS Library Dependency Resolver automatically detects any library dependencies and includes missing libraries without any manual effort. Instead of integrating all library parts of a package, the Library Dependency Resolver only integrates required libraries.

Combined with the compact root file system and all other efforts to minimize the footprint, ELinOS is the embedded Linux distribution with a very small memory footprint and a fast boot up time.

systemd Integration: Tailored and optimized configuration of the system unit and service files.

ELinOS Feature Configurator

Feature Configurator

It takes less than five minutes to have a fully operational embedded Linux system running with every feature you need – but not a single dependency more. Due to its graphical wizards and handling configurations in the GUI, ELinOS is suitable for quick time-to-market of your custom-tailored embedded Linux.

Network support, graphics, etc. - the feature configurator automatically creates the kernel configuration, adds user space applications and their related libraries as well as default configuration files. When you change your mind, the feature configurator removes items and dependencies, always providing a lean system with no overhead.

Development & Debugging

The user application is the unique selling point of the system. Thus having a structured workflow from setting up the project, managing and compiling as well as debugging the code is key. ELinOS offers various tools to support the user to focus on the application. Project creation wizards help setting up the initial project.

The cross compiler allows the user to compile the application on the development machine without switching to the target. Transferring the application on-the-fly without switching the IDE is supported as well. Remote debugging, performance analyzes and tracing complete the workflow.

Operating System Independent

  • Almost no dependency to the host operating system due to cross compilation
  • Windows and Linux host OS support
  • Seamless switch between GUI and command line interface (applies to the whole setup, configuration, build and deployment workflow)
  • Independent of target architecture and board
  • PikeOS development in the same environment

Embedded Linux Security

The embedded Linux ELinOS Security paradigm is simple but effective: Keep it small. Whenever plenty of services are running and libraries are involved there is much surface to attack. If you spare resources, you also reduce the amount of vectors, thus lowering the chance to be attacked by malware, viruses, worms and other cyber threats.

This is why Debian-based embedded Linux ELinOS comes with its unique approach to choose target features, configurating both, kernel and user space at once.

More ELinOS Features

More about the Features

LTS Kernel

Optimized LTS Linux Kernel &
Real-Time Linux Support

Security Features

Enhanced Security and
Hardening Options

Immutable Linux

Immutable OS

OTA Updates

Over-the-Air Update

HTML5 Browser

Graphical User Interfaces:
HTML5 / Wayland / Qt / GTK 

Docker Support

Container Support:
Docker & Isolated Applications

Logo Wolfssl

SSL/TLS Library & OpenSSL



Firewall Protection

Integrated Firewall

Eclipse-based IDE

Eclipse-based IDE

QEMU Hardware Emulator

HW Emulators

License Scanning Tool

Python Support

Python Support

Application Debugging

Application Debugging


Wi-Fi / Bluetooth / Ethernet


Setting up an embedded Linux ELinOS Instance

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ELinOS is the first choice if you want to focus on developing for embedded devices – without any overhead or lack of features.

The Feature Configurator helps to easily get your device running.


More ELinOS and Linux Topics

Want to know more about the setup process?

In our SYSGO Blog we provide a Step-by-Step Tutorial



The Eclipse-based IDE CODEO supports system architects with graphical configuration tools, provides all the components software engineers need to develop embedded applications and includes comprehensive helpers.

CODEO for ELinOS     |     CODEO Product Page

Longterm Support

Professional Support

We provide two types of product support: The Standard Support covers the basic questions on the product use (installation, tools usage etc.) via E-Mail. The Premium Support offers more customer-specific help with direct contact to a dedicated support engineer.

Software Secure Update

Life Cycle Updates

Customers can benefit from ongoing improvements by accessing the SYSGO customer portal, where the latest updates of target binaries, new Board Support Packages, and add-ons are available.

Training & Consulting

Training & Consulting

We want to make building your target devices as convenient as possible. However, SYSGO’s guided trainings boost the skills of your embedded developer team and maximizes the output – for efficient teams that love to develop for embedded devices.

More Customer Benefits


Industrial-grade Linux

Development environment consisting of an embedded Linux distribution for the target system and development tools for a development host computer


License Manifest

The tool lists all open sources licenses used in the project. This allows effectively manage (open source) licenses to keep your software closed


Security Services

Notification about common vulnerabilities affecting ELinOS. Audit support, SELinux, ANSSI configuration and test suite, ASLR


Aligned with PikeOS BSPs

Easy integration of Linux partition for all available PikeOS BSPs


Product Upgrade Tool

GUI tool to show available Security and package updates for the ELinOS distribution


Board Support Packages

Many ELinOS BSPs and the opportunity to use Yocto BSP's


Trainings & Support

User-oriented consulting to combine your acquired ELinOS and tools knowledge with your actual project requirements

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