ELinOS New Version

Boot Optimization (systemd)

  • Integrates systemd as system and service manager
  • Tailored and optimized configuration of the systemd unit and service files
  • Faster boot up times in complex setups
  • Better handling of dependencies between services
  • Simplifies configuration and maintenance
  • Easy integration of user provided start scripts
  • Fully integrated into the ELinOS feature database
  • Replaces SysV Init

Product Upgrade Tool

  • GUI tool to show available security and package updates
  • Synchronizes with the SYSGO download server on startup for security & package updates
  • One-click solution to update the product installation
  • Package dependencies automatically handled
  • Packages are digital signed and verified before installing
  • Support to add additional features and add-on packages
  • Support for command line interface
  • ELinOS Package Update Tool Specification


ELinOS 7.1 is available since April 2022.


Reproducible Builds for precompiled Packages

  • Precompiled packages provided by ELinOS are binary reproducible
  • Deterministic compilation removes dependencies to the build time and environment
  • ELinOS toolchain provides options to make user code reproducible

PikeOS Support

  • Support for PikeOS 5.1 and 5.0 for para-virt and HwVirt

BSP Updates

  • New Raspberry Pi4 BSP
  • New TQ-Systems i.MX8QXP TQMa8XQP on MBa8Xx BSP
  • PPC e500 architecture support removed


  • New feature for IPv6 support
  • Support for various Linux kernel image compression algorithms

Toolchain Updates

  • GCC v10.2, binutils v2.35

Target Package Updates

  • Linux v5.10 LTS
  • glibc v2.31