Technologies Aliances

SYSGO Technology Alliance welcomes companies that offer complementary products and services to provide customers a safe passage to current and future advanced technologies. Jointly we can create solutions with innovation and value.


AdaCore offers a variety of products that can be integrated on PikeOS.

Technology Alliance


Java via Aicas “Jamaica” product. Requires POSIX or Linux guest operating system on PikeOS. The Java guest OS is implemented on top of PikeOS’s POSIX , i.e., the Java scheduler uses the POSIX scheduler for implementing the necessary Real-Time Java functionality.

Technology Alliance

Safe and Secure Autonomous Mobility

Apex.AI is an international developer of Safety-certified base software, enabling a faster transition to software-defined vehicles and software-defined mobility.

Technology Alliance


Ansys delivers solutions for Safety-critical environments with its integrated model-based design & development platform. One of many flagship products is SCADE suite which allows model-driven development within a graphical environment. Source code can be directly exported and embedded into a PikeOS application project.

Technology Alliance

Advanced Graphics and Compute

CoreAVI is a global leader in architecting Safety-critical graphics, compute, and video drivers, embedded graphics processors, and DO-254/ED-80 certifiable COTS hardware IP.

Technology Alliance

Computer Systems for harsh Environments

Together we provide mission-critical System-on-Chip solutions and radiation-hardened components for Aerospace, focusing on RISC-V and SPARC architectures.

Technology Alliance

Functional Safety for Industrial and Avionics

Responding to the demand from end-users in the industry process and robotics systems, SYSGO in collaboration with Intel is delivering a platform solution with the announcement of PikeOS support for Intel x6000FE series Atom® processors.

Technology Alliance

Control Flow Integrity

Karamba offers runtime integrity technology (called XGuard) integrated in selected SYSGO OS products starting with SACoP automotive connectivity platform. The software integrity is required in the UN ECE Feb 2019 draft document and thus a needed requirement.

Technology Alliance

Industrial Robot Safety

PikeOS mixed criticality RTOS and COBOT (Collaborative Robot) solutions for Safety-certified hardware.

Technology Alliance

Data Distribution Service (DDS)

RTI's Connext® product enables intelligent architectures by sharing information in real-time, making large applications work together as one and offers to configure a variety of virtual partitions.

Technology Alliance

Compiler & Library Testing

Solid Sands offers compiler validation, code qualification and high Safety certification requirements for the PikeOS development environment.

Technology Alliance

AUTOSAR Adaptive & Classic

Available via the SYSGO/Vector Joint Venture which offers Automotive certification ISO 26262 up to ASIL D. It runs on PikeOS with POSIX partitions. PikeOS can also support AUTOSAR classic running in one of the PikeOS partitions.

Technology Alliance


wolfSSL offers different Security elements with an emphasis on speed, size, portability, features, and standards compliance that can be sold as a bundle with SYSGO OS solutions. 

Technology Alliance


About the Program

Technology partners have qualified due to joint revenue achievements, dedicated SYSGO product skills or by successfully integrating a partner technology into SYSGO solutions and products. SYSGO will deliver dedicated Sales and Marketing support as well as technical trainings and support to solution partners.

What else

Joint Marketing efforts may include joint webcasts, exhibitions and demonstrations.


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