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Karamba’s software products protect connected embedded devices throughout their life cycles in Automotive, Energy and Industrial control systems.

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One product offers a runtime integrity technology (called XGuard) pre-integrated in selected SYSGO OS products starting with SACoP Automotive connectivity platform. The software integrity is required in the UN ECE WP29 June 2020 regulation and thus a needed requirement.

Together with Karamba's Control flow integrity product XGUARD, the PikeOS hypervisor can reduce risk in the SACoP development platform used for secure gateways in Automotive.


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Customer Added Values


Control Flow Integrity deterministically detects illegitimate memory utilizations


It can block and report events continuously via an external terminal


It minimizes the Security overhead via:

  • No false positive
  • No extra hardware
  • No need for lengthy and expansive investigation of detected anomaly
  • No need for constant updates

Seamless integration into the build process


Very low impact on embedded systems performance


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About Karamba Security

Karamba Security provides industry-leading embedded cybersecurity solutions for connected systems. Product manufacturers in automotive, Industry 4.0, IoT, and enterprise edge rely on Karamba’s automated runtime integrity software to self-protect their products against Remote Code Execution (RCE) cyberattacks with negligible performance impact.