SoC-e (System-on-Chip Engineering) is a a global leader in TSN (Time-Sensitive Networking) transforming industrial networks. Together with PikeOS, TSN ensures precise communication, vital for Industry 4.0 and IIoT applications by prioritizing data delivery and enabling real-time control.


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TSN Technology Advantages


High-Speed Networking

Facilitating rapid data transmission and low latency for critical operations.


Convergence and Simplification

Unifying diverse applications on a single network, eliminating timing concerns.

SoC-e and SYSGO join forces to deliver performant TSN hardware and real-time software solutions tailored to the customer's needs. From high-performance switches to rugged devices, SoC-e empowers seamless connectivity across industries like Aerospace and Automotive.

And the certifiable PikeOS RTOS & Hypervisor from SYSGO ensures deterministic, safe, and secure systems as PikeOS synchronizes clocks among TSN devices, ensuring precise timing across various markets.

Customer Added Values


Deterministic Performance

PikeOS guarantees timely delivery of critical data, enhancing TSN’s capabilities.


Certification Confidence

Utilize PikeOS’s certification kits and MILS architecture for efficient certification.


Cost Efficiency

Consolidate functions using PikeOS’s hypervisor, saving hardware costs.


Long-Term Support

SYSGO’s commitment ensures software longevity and broad processor support.


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About SOC-E

SoC-e is a worldwide leading supplier of Ethernet communication solutions based on FPGA technology. SoC-e is pioneer in developing a portfolio of IP cores that implement the leading-edge networking, synchronization and security technologies for critical systems in applications for the Electric, Industrial and Aerospace sectors.