ELinOS Embedded Linux

Embedded Linux distributions have to fulfil certain requirements that differ from regular Desktop distributions. They have to be small in size and should have a low memory footprint. 

Setting up an embedded Linux ELinOS Instance

SYSGO’s embedded Linux ELinOS is a lightweight yet mighty Linux distribution that combines the best of the two worlds: ELinOS comes with a very small memory footprint, has a kernel size of 3 MiB, a root file system size of 16 MiB and yet a vast number of pre-built of packages. Unlike other distributions and protracted "roll-your-own" approaches , an ELinOS system can be set up way much faster thanks to its unique and convenient build process tool.

Due to its small size, the surface for attack vectors is significantly reduced.

Cross-Toolchain & Board Support

The Eclipse-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) CODEO makes it possible to conveniently develop embedded software for target devices of several architectures such as ARM, MIPS, PowerPC, SH4, XScale, or x86.

CODEO is available for Windows and Linux development hosts. With the integration of QEMU embedded software developers benefit by an environment that supports the virtualized setup of an embedded system and testing of software. Its toolchain is built to help embedded software developers rapidly develop applications and systems.

CODEO for ELinOS   |   CODEO Product Page

Free ELinOS Test Version

Are you interested and want to get your hands on our ELinOS Linux distribution? We offer a free and full version of ELinOS for you to get familiar with the features and possibilities.

Get a free Test Version


Board Support Packages

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Embedded Linux Technology


Embedded Linux Security

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Memory Protection

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Virtualization with Docker

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ELinOS as Guest OS

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