CoreAVI is a pioneer in the Military and Aerospace sector with a proven track record in providing entire software and hardware IP platform solutions that enable Safety-critical applications.


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CoreAVI is a global leader in architecting Safety-critical graphics, compute, and video drivers, embedded graphics processors, and DO-254/ED-80 certifiable COTS hardware IP, more and more also actibe in Automotive graphic solutions.

Jointly with CoreAVI graphic solutions PikeOS can enable critical and non-critical partitions side-by-side with its resource- and time-partitioning mechanism to excellently suite safe rendering and compute.

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Customer Added Values


Critical and non-critical partitions can run at the same time without interference


Critical partitions while using high-featured non-critical partitions can run on both cores at the same


Safe rendering pipes use the Vulcan API running as a kernel driver


Operation in GPU in virtualize mode


Lower level applications cannot disturb DAL A certified applications


Ready for multi-core processors


In tandem with CoreAVI‘s Vulkan API, the resource- and time-partitioning mechanism of PikeOS are excellently suited for safe rendering and compute


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About CoreAVI

CoreAVI architects Safety-critical graphics and compute solutions supporting safe autonomy, machine vision, AI and visualization applications in the automotive, unmanned vehicle and industrial IoT markets, as well as commercial and military avionics systems. We are people innovating a safe and secure autonomous world.