wolfSSL focuses on providing lightweight and embedded Security solutions with an emphasis on speed, size, portability, features, and standards compliance. Some wolfSSL Security products and services can be offered as a bundle with SYSGO OS solutions.


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wolfSSL and SYSGO have teamed up to integrate wolfSSL’s SSL/TLS crypto library into PikeOS real-time operating system (RTOS), which includes a type 1 Hypervisor. With this integration, wolfSSL brings a FIPS crypto library to PikeOS’ EAL5+ certified separation kernel in a pre-integrated bundle that ensures robust, proven Security for your project’s architecture.

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Customer Added Values


Via the Integration of wolfSSL SSL/TLS Libraries

  • Customers can build a secure Root of Trust of his system
  • The software gets more secure via additional signing and verification capabilities
  • Pre-integration into SACoP or other security solutions of SYSGO helps reducing time to market
  • Can also be used as add-on technology for ELinOS
  • The solution has low memory footprint and no impact on the system performance

Use of wolfCrypt as Crypto Library

  • SYSGO can support hardware and software supported cryptography

wolfMQTT Integration

  • MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) is a network protocol used in machine to machine communication
  • PikeOS POSIX partition can run as MQTT GATEWAY thus reducing the footprint size (instead of using a full Linux) and having nevertheless the possibility to use TLS (via wolfSSL)

Security Certification Story Add-on

  • Added certification artefacts for RTCA DO-178C level A certification in Avionics
  • In Automotive, supports MISRA-C capabilities
  • For government customers, wolfSSL has a strong history in FIPS 140-2, with upcoming Common Criteria support increasing the Security assurance

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About wolfSSL

wolfSSL is an open source internet security company whose primary products include the wolfSSL embedded SSL/TLS library, wolfCrypt embedded crypto engine, wolfMQTT, and wolfSSH. Primary users are programmers building security functionality into their applications and devices. wolfSSL employs the dual licensing model, offering products under the GPLv2 as well as a standard commercial license. wolfSSL’s products are designed to offer optimal performance, rapid integration, the ability to leverage hardware crypto, and support for the most current standards.