Jointly we can address new or critical embedded certification use cases mainly for COBOT (Collaborative Robot) solutions using SYSGO’s PikeOS mixed criticality RTOS and NexCobot SCB100 Safety-certified hardware based on Intel Intel x6000FE series Atom processors functional Safety (FuSa) offering for the industrial market.


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Collaborative industrial robots are quickly becoming a vital tool for the manufacturing industry requiring for strict Safety rules. The Safety performance level for collaborative applications for industrial robots has to be up to SIL 2 in accordance with IEC 61508, or Cat.3 PL=d in accordance with ISO 13849-1.

For customers to create functional Safety collaborative applications for industrial robots, the joint solution offers a SIL 2-certifiable software and hardware platform jointly with NexCOBOT. Certification artifacts from Intel, SYSGO and NexCOBOT help reducing the time to market for industrial robot systems with a real- time dynamic Safety system. Additionally, SYSGO has achieved the Common Criteria EAL5+ certificate based on its PikeOS 5.1.3 separation kernel in 2022. This helps combining Safety and Security requirements in a modern software stack adapted to the demands of IoT 4.0 and higher.

Customer Added Values


Consolidate functional Safety applications on Intel Atom (IA) without the burden of hardware and/or software redundancy


Access to production-ready and functional Safety-capable solutions


Quicker start in the development phase by providing software and hardware certification artifacts such as in IEC 61508 with SIL 2 for Industrial


Easy scale across Intel Atom (IA) silicon platforms and use cases to cover the entire product portfolio


With PikeOS, customers can start with feature development - certification can come later


Reduced effort in the qualification and certification process for Safety and Security expertise


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