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Solid Sands offers compiler validation, code qualification and high Safety certification requirements for the PikeOS development environment.


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Compiler Test and Validation Suite for C/C++

  • Huge library of hand-written tests
  • Large body of generated tests
  • Framework to easily set up and run compiler validations
  • Report generator that provides comprehensive overviews of validation results in multiple formats, including HTML, to immediately identify regressions of the latest compiler build compared to a designated reference


C Library Safety Qualification Suite

  • Detailed breakdown of the ISO C library specification into the requirements
  • Test specifications that describe how the requirements are verified
  • Test cases in accordance with ISO 26262-6
  • High structural coverage of the library implementation
  • Software tool providing documentation with of the requirements are met and which are not 
    Example: ISO 26262 certification process in Automotive

Customer Added Values


In-house expertise to ease the integration of Solid Sands tools and SYSGO operating software


Supported and qualified GCC compiler for Safety-critical projects in combination with C/C++ standard libraries


Helping customers to achieve the highest certification (e.g. Automotive ISO 26262 ASIL B, Railway EN 50128 or EN 50657 SIL 2)


Reduced effort in the qualification and certification process for Safety and Security expertise


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About Solid Sands

Founded in 2014, Solid Sands is the one-stop shop for C and C++ compiler and library testing, validation and safety services. Solid Sands offers extensive test and validation suites with a unique level of compiler and library test coverage, enabling customers to achieve the software tool quality level demanded by ISO standards. The company’s name combines sand – the world’s most abundant source of silicon – with the solidity and security expected of sector leading testing and validation technologies.