Java via Aicas "Jamaica" product. Requires POSIX or Linux guest OS on PikeOS. The Java guet is implemented on top of PikeOS’s POSIX , i.e., the Java scheduler uses the POSIX scheduler for implementing the necessary real-time Java functionality

Customer Added Value

  • Customers can use JAVA via the integration of AICAS Jamaica

  • Reduced time to market as pre-integration was done in the past with different PikeOS versions and experience is available
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Aicas is the premier vendor of hard real-time Java Virtual Machines for embedded applications. JamaicaVM, aicas's flagship product, is unique in its market segment: It is the only system whose real-time performance is guaranteed. aicas serves the aerospace, industrial control, instrumentation and automotive markets, among others. The company's headquarters are in Karlsruhe, Germany, with subsidiary offices in the USA and Japan. In addition, aicas has reseller relationships with a group of highly qualified companies in Europe and Asia.