Apex.AI is specialized in building safe and secure autonomous mobility systems. The company's flagship product is the Apex.Grace, a reliable and secure software framework for autonomous systems. Apex.Grace is built on top of ROS 2, which is an open-source framework for building robot applications, and is designed to meet the high safety and security standards required for autonomous vehicles.


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Together, SYSGO and Apex.AI bring the benefits of their respective technologies to the autonomous vehicle industry. By combining Apex.Grace with PikeOS, we provide a comprehensive solution for building safe and secure autonomous systems. Apex.Grace provides a high-level software framework that enables developers to build complex autonomous systems, while PikeOS provides the real-time and Safety-critical capabilities necessary to ensure the system operates reliably and securely. 

The solution use cases in Automotive are mobility applications including Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and, autonomous driving, powertrain or telematics. The joint solution can also be used in other industries e.g. in Railway for Automatic Train Operation (OTA), communication between trackside systems and onboard systems or other industries such as marine or agriculture applications.

The partners can help in the adoption of software-centric E/E architectures, efficient software architectures and modern software development processes. Certification artefacts for Safety and Cybersecurity are available.

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Customer Added Values


Unique solution with high value for autonomous driving:

  • Software development kit for autonomous driving software and other safety-critical mobility applications
  • Functional Safety certification according to the highest level of ISO 26262
  • Combined expertise in software development, certifiable PikeOS RTOS, and development of advanced algorithms (such as LiDAR perception)
  • Mixed criticality and multiple partitions with real-time capabilities

Reducing time-to-market by ROS 2-based development environment and workflow:

  • Access to a huge developer base of millions of ROS 2 developers
  • Reuse all already developed ROS2-based functions in a series production environment up to ASIL D / SIL 4
  • Reuse the existing Apex.AI application code ecosystem for series AD development
  • Integrated IDE

Increase flexibility:

  • Flexibility by using a unique combination of open source and closed source software
  • Adaptation to other hardware architectures

Provide certification evidences:

  • Enable SIL 4 cloud based rail infrastructure
  • ASIL D for ADAS solutions in automotive or off highway solutions
  • Protect against external Security threats using PikeOS 5.1.3 separation kernel achieving CC EAL5+

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About Apex.AI

Apex.AI is a global company headquartered in Palo Alto, CA developing breakthrough safe, certified, developer-friendly, and scalable software for mobility systems. The company's flagship product is Apex.OS, a robust and reliable meta-operating system that enables faster and easier software development for mobility, smart machines and IoT. The associated software development kit targets two main customer groups: OEM developers who need to implement complex, integrated AI software in machines or vehicles, and autonomous mobility developers who can now implement safety-critical applications easily and reliably.