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Frontgrade Gaisler is a leading provider of embedded computer systems for harsh environments, specializing in mission-critical System-on-Chip solutions and radiation-hardened components for aerospace applications. Partnered with SYSGO, they offer technology solutions addressing the challenges of the space industry, including Safety, Security, and certification needs, with a focus on RISC-V and SPARC architectures.


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The partnership between Frontgrade Gaisler and SYSGO brings together their expertise in embedded computer systems and operating systems, offering comprehensive solutions for the Aerospace industry. Frontgrade Gaisler's radiation-hardened components and mission-critical SoCs perfectly complement SYSGO's PikeOS mixed-criticality OS, creating a robust and secure ecosystem for Space applications.

This collaboration ensures long-term support, fault tolerance, and compliance with stringent Safety and Security standards, making it an ideal choice for Space industry requirements.

With a focus on RISC-V and SPARC architectures, this partnership addresses the evolving technology needs of the Space sector, providing innovative solutions for complex and demanding Space missions.

Software Certification in Space according to ECSS

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Mixed-Criticality Certification

The companies address multi-level criticality use cases by combining SYSGO's PikeOS mixed-criticality OS with Frontgrade Gaisler's NOEL-V (RISC-V) or LEON (SPARC) SoCs, along with tool solutions. This allows for example data storage on certified file systems or health monitoring for fault detection, isolation and recovery.


Certification Expertise

With expertise in Safety and Security standards, both companies offer certified components and artifacts for Safety and Security compliance, making their solution suitable for space applications.

  • Safety certification up to DO-178C DAL A and ECSS-E-ST-40C / ECSS-Q-ST-80C
  • Common Criteria EAL5+ for Cybersecurity
  • Aligns with ESA needs and ITAR-free (no export restrictions)

Secure Communication

The partnership provides secure certified communication to ground stations, including software updates, essential for aerospace applications.


Advanced Hardware

The joint solution includes low-power, fault-tolerant designs, FPGA and ASIC support, and hardware monitor tools optimized for SPARC/LEON and RISC-V/NOEL-V systems.


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About Frontgrade Gaisler

Frontgrade Gaisler is a world leader in embedded computer systems for harsh environments, with footprints in many parts of the solar system. The company provides the complete ecosystem to support digital hardware and software design for mission critical System-on-Chip solutions. We have a long experience in the design of flight quality microelectronic devices: we provide several radiation-hardened standard components.