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Edge Computing with PikeOS and PikeOS for MPU

PikeOS, IoT

In the age of rapid digital transformation, the shift from centralized cloud computing to edge computing is a paradigm that's gaining significant traction, especially in sectors where safety, security, and real-time responsiveness are not just priorities but prerequisites. Edge computing brings data processing closer to the data generation source, which is crucial in domains like industrial automation, autonomous driving, and smart cities. In such environments, the latency introduced by distance from cloud servers can make the difference between seamless operation and catastrophic failure.

As a leader in embedded systems, SYSGO is at the forefront of this shift with its pioneering products, such as PikeOS and PikeOS for MPU. These platforms are engineered to address the nuanced demands of edge computing, combining robust safety and security features with the agility required for real-time responsiveness.

PikeOS & PikeOS for MPU

PikeOS, by combining a separation kernel and hypervisor technology, provides a secure virtualized environment for multiple applications to concurrently run on a single hardware platform. This not only optimizes hardware utilization but also enforces stringent security measures, as applications are completely isolated from one another. Such an architecture is essential in mission-critical systems where a failure in one component cannot be allowed to affect others.

The differentiation of PikeOS is in its ability to serve complex, resource-intensive applications that demand multitasking and high levels of computation, all while maintaining the highest safety standards. Certified according to industry standards such as DO-178C for avionics, PikeOS is trusted in life-critical systems worldwide.

PikeOS for MPU, on the other hand, is tailored for systems with constrained hardware resources, and where a full hypervisor might not be necessary or even feasible. It is designed to run on hardware with a Memory Protection Unit (MPU) instead of a Memory Management Unit (MMU), which makes it suitable for simpler, yet still safety-critical applications. It ensures that even with less complex hardware, applications can run in a real-time, secure, and reliable manner.

A Spectrum of Solutions for varying Criticality Levels

Together, PikeOS and PikeOS for MPU create a spectrum of solutions allowing for the integration of multiple applications with varying criticality levels onto a single, secure, and safe platform. This flexibility is paramount in industries like automotive, where PikeOS can manage computationally intensive and safety-critical applications such as advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) while PikeOS for MPU can handle the more critical powertrain control systems. Such an arrangement not only saves on hardware costs but also simplifies the architecture and reduces the vehicle's weight, contributing to better energy efficiency.

Moreover, in industrial automation, PikeOS can take charge of complex tasks like coordinating multiple robots on an assembly line, whereas PikeOS for MPU can be used for real-time monitoring and control of individual robotic arms. This division of labor allows for a scalable and adaptable system architecture that can easily be updated or modified as the production line evolves.

The novelty of SYSGO's solution lies in the seamless integration of these two products on top of the same hardware platform, offering unmatched versatility for devices at the edge. PikeOS and PikeOS for MPU stand out not just for their technical prowess, they offer operators in high-stakes environments. The ability to rely on a computing platform that ensures the data's safety, integrity, and real-time processing is an invaluable asset in the modern industrial landscape.


As edge computing becomes increasingly critical in our hyper-connected world, SYSGO's PikeOS and PikeOS for MPU provide the secure, real-time, and versatile platform necessary to harness the full potential of edge computing, making them indispensable tools for any industry prioritizing safety, security, and efficiency.

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