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ISO 26262 SEooC Concepts

ISO 26262 SEooC Concepts presented at safetronic

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Now the international “safetronic – Safe Software and Hardware in the Automobile” trade fair in Stuttgart presented by  the industry magazine HANSER automotive is over.

The sixteenth session of the conference with over 150 participants was well organized and SYSGO was able to meet customers but also had the opportunity to come into contact with interested companies in the automotive sector. Within the conference the topics driver assistance systems and autonomous driving, safety analysis on software architecture level in practice, best practice for successful technical implementations, solutions for safety & security and safety management in practice were discussed. The presentations by speakers from Bosch, BMW, Brose, Continental, Daimler, EB, Mobileye, SYSGO, Valeo and VOLVO offered information about the further development of safety-related electronics and advice on the practical application. The evening event and dinner were nice with some special features by a magician.

On the second day I gave a lecture on “Safety & Security when using an operating system with a segregation kernel as a Safety Element out of Context (SEooC)”. Over 150 people participated to this presentation which was an exciting experience for me.  The lecture gave an overview on how to integrate PikeOS in the automotive sector using ISO 26262 SEooC concepts. In safety-critical environments, the principle of partitioning and separation of software from different safety integrity levels on a central hardware platform is still relatively new. This technique can be implemented by means of a real-time operating system with segregation kernel. Operating systems are offered today in general as so-called “COTS” software. The ISO 26262 introduces this kind of software as “Safety element out of context” (SEooC) and defines the necessary measures to integrate SEooC into a system. The approval of functional safety can only be done in conjunction with the other software, hardware and system providers. In this lecture, the challenges and approval methods for a safe & secure operating system with segregation kernel as SEooC were presented.

I would be happy to meet you at the safetronic 2017.

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