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Mobilidays 2023: A Journey into the Heart of the North American Automotive Industry

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In the fast-moving world of automotive technology, the need to innovate and collaborate is paramount. This was the motivation behind SYSGO's trip to the USA in September 2023, participating in the prestigious Mobilidays event. Mobilidays, an acceleration program designed for French innovative companies offering solutions for the Automotive industry in North America, proved to be an exceptional platform for SYSGO to showcase its expertise and explore new horizons in the automotive industry.

Mobilidays Highlights

One of the standout features of Mobilidays was the opportunity for SYSGO to engage with some of the biggest names in the North American automotive industry. These meetings provided a valuable platform for SYSGO to present its cutting-edge embedded safety and security software solutions to key decision-makers and demonstrate its commitment to enhancing automotive safety standards.

Mobilidays facilitated invaluable B2B meetings with potential clients and partners, allowing SYSGO to forge new connections and strengthen existing relationships. These interactions were instrumental in understanding the specific needs and challenges faced by the North American automotive market, ensuring that SYSGO's solutions remain tailored to the region's requirements.

Our team benefited greatly from the coaching sessions at Mobilidays, which offered deep insights into the American automotive landscape. Industry experts provided invaluable guidance, helping SYSGO refine its strategies for North American expansion. Interactions with automotive experts were a highlight of the event to engage in thought-provoking discussions, sharing ideas, and gaining invaluable insights into the industry's future trends and challenges. This knowledge will undoubtedly shape SYSGO's future endeavors in the North American market.

Conclusion & Perspective

From SYSGO's point of view, Mobilidays 2023 provided a window into the vast opportunities and challenges within the North American automotive industry. It not only allowed the company to showcase its advanced safety and security software solutions but also provided a unique platform to foster meaningful connections with industry giants, potential clients, and partners. The coaching sessions and meetings with experts deepened SYSGO's understanding of the American market, equipping the company with the knowledge and insights required for effective expansion.

As SYSGO continues to innovate and collaborate on the global stage, its participation in Mobilidays has undoubtedly marked a pivotal moment in its journey toward enhancing safety and security in the automotive world. With the knowledge and connections gained, SYSGO is getting ready to make a lasting impact on the North American automotive industry in the years to come.

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