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Successful Trip to China with our Partner EPT

Events & Webcasts, Automotive

Last week, SYSGO joined the AUTOMATED VEHICLE SECURITY & SAFETY TECHNOLOGY FORUM in Shenzhen (China). This event was organised by Automotive World China with a focus on autonomous driving safety. In addition to the SYSGO team, we also hosted our local partner EPT team on our booth.

It was interesting when listening to the different speakers to see almost all of them highlighting the link between Safety and Security, with a common message “Without security, safety can’t be achieved”. This strength PikeOS positioning at the crossroad of Safety and Security with its ISO 26262 (Safety) certification AND Common Criteria (Security) certification.

The event was the opportunity for SYSGO to demonstrate PikeOS hypervisor features for digital cockpits using the Renesas R-Car H3 platform. PikeOS was executing Android and AGL Linux running on the same hardware. Visitors were particularly interested in PikeOS’ capabilities of combining Safety and Security functions.

SYSGO also had the opportunity to give a presentation highlighting the links between Security and Safety in the Automotive industry. 

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