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SYSGO, Automotive
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SYSGO is now member of the SOAFEE Special Interest Group project. SOAFEE stands for "Scalable Open Architecture for Embedded Edge" and is a collaboration of industrial companies like automakers, semiconductor suppliers, open source / independent software vendors and cloud technology leaders.

The SOAFEE vision is to bring cloud-native development paradigm and its ubiquitous ecosystem to the highly diverse, heterogeneous compute platforms that will power the next generation of automotive and safety-critical systems. Working groups are taking care of system architecture, cloud native development, cloud native tooling and ecosystem reference implementation. With PikeOS, our hard real time OS including hypervisor, SYSGO can contribute to the system architecture working group as well as its safety and security certification knowledge.

“We are thrilled to join the SOAFEE SIG and contribute in building a complete Edge to cloud solution. Embedded Edge is key element for the future of Automotive, we will bring our expertise and products in automotive solutions, safety-critical systems and certification” says Jose Almeida, Director Business Line Automotive at SYSGO.

With our PikeOS real-time operating system and hypervisor we offer a trusted platform for safe and secure operation providing strong separation of applications with different criticality levels. At the SOAFEE SIG we already find valued and strong partners and are looking forward to further develop and exchange technologies for a safe and secure connected future.

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